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About us

Alexandra Zhernakova

Working at the Faculty of Medical Sciences / UMCG

About my research

"In my Rosalind Franklin project I study how aging affects the functioning of our genes. In particular, I am interested in age-related changes in immune senescence and in predisposition to immune-related diseases. My aim is to understand why people develop immune-mediated diseases, how is it related with immune senescence and to identify prognostic markers of these diseases."

About Rosalind Franklin

"Rosalind Franklin for me is most of all an example of smart, hard working, efficient and successful researcher. It is amazing how this lady, during her rather short career in biological science, made several break-through discoveries in structure and composition of human DNA and viral RNA. Even with the fact that she was under-recognized and died so early, her contribution to science is remarkable."

Employee page of Alexandra Zhernakova

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