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CONACYT full PhD scholarships


The University of Groningen (UG) was the first Dutch university to sign an agreement with the Mexican Council for Science & Technology (CONACYT) to co-fund Mexican PhD students, already in 2009. Admitted students receive a monthly subsistence allowance from CONACYT, and UG waives its institutional fees. Over the years, Groningen has hosted many Mexican students, including with a CONACYT PhD scholarship. More than fifty Mexican PhD students currently do their PhD research at UG.

Download the brochure with more information for Mexican prospective PhD students.

Groningen tops up your scholarship!

UG is unique in The Netherlands because it provides admitted PhD students with a top-up of their scholarships (conditions apply): externally funded doctoral students currently receive a combined total of almost €2,000 per month. In practice, this means that Mexican PhD students who have been admitted to UG and have acquired a CONACYT grant for full PhD studies abroad will receive about €650 extra per month from UG!

CONACYT call for applications

The general call for applications for Mexican nationals to apply to CONACYT funding for full PhD studies abroad is published each calendar year. To learn about future calls for applications keep an eye on the CONACYT website .

Note that in addition to the above CONACYT may open, throughout the year:

  • Other topical calls in priority areas (e.g. energy, education…)
  • Separate calls coordinated via its regional offices ("entidades federales") in different Mexican states, in accordance with state priorities

Call for applications 2022

The central call for full PhD funding for 2022 has been published in July 2022 (in Spanish). The call covers all study areas.

Students are responsible to submit their application to CONACYT. In 2022, there is one application period for Mexican students to apply to full PhD funding abroad, with the following dates & deadlines:

  • Applications to be submitted as of 11 July 2022
  • Application deadline: 12 August 2022
  • Publication of results: 30 September 2022
  • Start date of scholarship: until 31 March 2023. A realistic first possible start date at UG, provided that results have been published by 30 September, is February 2023

For Prospective PhD Students

A first prerequisite for admission to the UG PhD program is the identification of a supervisor. We welcome you to browse the pages of the University of Groningen and University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) to locate someone in your area of interest.

Note that, in all cases, it is the Graduate School (GS) of the Faculty to which your supervisor pertains that has the authority to officially admit you to the UG PhD program. Each UG Faculty is home to a Graduate School. The Letter of Acceptance you need to submit with your CONACYT application should be issued by the relevant GS. In addition to the generic rule that applicants should have secured the pre-acceptance of a supervisor, each GS may set additional criteria.

We therefore ask that all prospective applicants contact the UG Representative in Mexico, Mr Luis Andrés González Gutiérrez . In particular, he will assist with:

  • The identification of a supervisor, if needed: send your CV, a summary of your research interests, and the names of any UG researcher you have already identified/contacted
  • Information on the admission process and particular individual Graduate School requirements
  • Information on the collaboration with CONACYT and application procedures (see: "Application documents") to supervisors and Graduate Schools
  • UG general and standardized information on the UG PhD program, to submit with your CONACYT application

Application documents

Applicants will need to provide the following general documentation to CONACYT that require input from the UG Graduate School and/or supervisor:

  1. Letter of Acceptance, signed by an authorized representative of the relevant Graduate School
  2. PhD project proposal, signed by the applicant & supervisor (max. 10 pp.)
  3. Confirmation of the UG fee waiver, as outlined in the agreement between UG and CONACYT

Candidates should consult this information sheet with important information on the specificities of the UG PhD program and how to fill out your CONACYT application.

Ad 1) CONACYT sets specific requirements for the Letter of Acceptance. The Representation has developed a template that fulfils CONACYT requirements. GS may contact the Representation directly for more information.

Ad 3) The Representation may provide these documents to GS and/or accepted candidates.

In accordance with the agreement between CONACYT and the University of Groningen, no tuition and/or bench fees can be claimed from CONACYT.


The UG Representative Office at UNAM
Mr Luis Andrés González Gutiérrez,

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