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The University of Groningen supports Colombian students who would like to finance their PhD trajectory with the help of the Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Inovación (MINCIENCIAS), Fundación para el Futuro de Colombia (COLFUTURO), or the Agencia de Educación Postsecundaria de Medellín (Sapiencia).

Candidates who secure funding from any of these agencies are eligible for our top-up program.

To apply for scholarships in most of these agencies you will need a Letter of Acceptance. How do you get a Letter of Acceptance from the UG? Consult our webpage for scholarship PhDs.


Minciencias usually publishes one call for application each year. Prospective students must pay attention to their official website for updates. Students are responsible for submitting their application directly to MINCIENCIAS.


COLFUTURO also usually publishes one call for application each year. More information is available on their official website. Students should also apply directly to COLFUTURO to obtain the loan-fund.

No current call for applications open.


Sapiencia releases one call for application each year for their (forgivable) loan. This will be released on the official website. Students should apply directly to Sapiencia.

Strategic Partnership with Universidad de Antioquia

Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA) is one of the nine non-European Strategic Partners of the University of Groningen.

Amongst other things, UdeA:

  • It is located in Medellín, the City of the Eternal Spring.
  • It is ranked amonst the top 15 universities in Latin America according to QS Latin America University Rankings 2022.
  • Offers 130 undergraduate programs and 184 graduate programs.
  • Houses 4 cultural centers and the College Museum MUUA.
  • It is more than 219 years old.

For more information regarding our Strategic Partnership with UdeA, contact  Joyce Fongers, ISR Coordinator for Latin America.

Double Degree PhD Program with UdeA

Since May 2022, The University of Groningen and Universidad de Antioquia hold a general double degree PhD agreement, which allows students to set up a co-supervised trajectory in any field and, in term, obtain a diploma from each University based on a single course and thesis.

A double degree PhD can also be combined with UdeA’s MD-PhD program. Students that carry out in this program will hold UdeA’s diploma of Medical Doctor, and a doctoral diploma from each University.

Candidates can find more information in our Sandwich PhD with Latin America section. Also, all prospective students are required to contact the Central Postgraduate Mobility Office at UdeA and the UG Representative Office in Mexico [1] during the earliest possible stage of the application (preparation) process.


UdeA Central Postgraduate Mobility Office: Cristian Rodriguez,

The UG Representative in Mexico: Luis Andrés González Gutiérrez,

The UG Coordinator for Latin America: Joyce Fongers, j.e.fongers

Summer School of Planetary Health

UdeA and the UG held the first ever Summer School of Planetary Health.

This summer school is organized by both the faculties of Medical Sciences and Public Health of the University of Antioquia, and by Campus Fryslan, UMCG and the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health in Groningen. The summer school is 2 weeks long and run parallel in Groningen (The Netherlands and Medellin (Colombia). Some of the activities take place in a shared virtual room and some others take place in each location.

Special funding opportunities are made available for UdeA and UG students who want to participate. For more information go to the Summer School webpage or contact the Coordinators of the School.


Academic Coordinator in the UG: Dr. Valentina Gallo
Administrative Coordinator in the UG: Dr. Adriana Perez-Fortis

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