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East Asia

The University of Groningen has very close and wide-ranging collaborations with several top institutions in East Asia.

The Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG)

CEASG is an inter-faculty institute launched by the Faculty of Arts and facilitated by Globalisation Studies Groningen.CEASG initiates and supports interdisciplinary teaching and research on contemporary China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia, and aims to strengthen and broaden the University’s academic partnerships in East Asia.

The Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI)

GCI is a partnership between the Communication University of China and the Groningen Confucius Institute Foundation, which consists of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the University of Groningen and the city of Groningen.

Osaka University- Groningen collaboration

The close collaboration between the University of Groningen and Osaka University in the fields of research and education resulted in 2005 in the establishment of Osaka University’s European Centre for Academic Initiatives in Groningen In 2011 Osaka University opened a Dutch Studies Centre   Tekijuku Memorial Centre Every year UG lecturers give a course “Gateway to Europe” to introduce Osaka students’ in European political sciences and history. To enhance and facilitate the mobility of PhD and researchers in science and engineering, the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR) opened in 2017 a Groningen Overseas Education and Research Centre, in its premises.

PNU-Groningen Research Centre (PGRC)

The PNU-Groningen Research Centre (PGRC) is a partnership between Pusan National University (PNU) and the University of Groningen. The Centre is hosted by the Social Sciences Institute at PNU and coordinated by Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) and East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG) in Groningen.

The Dutch Studies Centre (DSC)

DSC is a the cooperation between Fudan University and the University of Groningen, which functions as an education, research and information institute. DSC offers courses at Fudan University covering the Dutch and European political system, social and economic policies, historical and cultural developments, and also conducts research in the areas of Dutch and European politics, economics, literature, history, art history, language and culture.

Tsinghua-Groningen Research Center

Tsinghua-Groningen research center was established to carry out interdisciplinary teaching and research at both universities on topics related to the European Union, EU-China relations and Sino-Dutch relations.

Student Associations Chinese Students Association Groningen (ACSS)

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