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Philosophy Green Office Embassy

We, Marija, Bas, and Simone, are proud to be the first Board of the Philosophy Green Office Embassy! As a sustainability-focused embassy, our goal is to assist the university, and our wonderful philosophy faculty, in transitioning to a greener and more inclusive environment by bringing theory into practice and focusing on the application of ideas for students, by students. Together, we are creating a community for individuals interested in acting on topics of climate justice and/or sustainability, be it from an economic, social, and/or environmental perspective. As an Embassy we believe that our actions matter, no matter how big or small.

(Ongoing) Projects
Scholars for Sustainability: A Lecture Series

This project provides a space for individuals to express themselves and their interests in a way that fosters discussion. We are organising lectures and workshops related to sustainability and community-centred approaches; whether you listened to a lecture that resonated, or if you’re researching a topic that you think deserves attention. Consider this project as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on academics and their work, organisations, or even ideas from your own research!

Green Case

This project includes coming up with concrete solutions to sustainability-related questions, consulting, organisation within and outside the university. The consultancy project in the work is that of Citizen Participation. The aim of this project is to combine consultancy skills such as policy-making, and critical thinking, to local and regional projects. The aim is to come together annually in a Green-Case event whereby a case is presented to students as an exercise in policy-making, critical thinking, and developing employability skills.

STUFF Consultancy

This project includes acting as a consulting body for internal and external organisations that may require aid with regards to their sustainable practice. The starting point will be consulting with STUFF, the student-study organisation of the Philosophy faculty, who are eager to make their organisation and their members more sustainability-friendly.

Post-Covid Planning

Once restrictions are have plans for a book-swap case in the faculty cafeteria, and a plant cutting (stekje) swap in the faculty. The aim of this is to create a community between students through these measures while also aiding the faculty with the resources and capacities of GO to be more sustainable and help its students to do so also

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