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FSE Green Embassy

At the faculty of science and engineering, we are very passionate about sustainability and educating people about it in various ways. For example, at the beginning of the year, we created a small campaign where every month we chose the plant of the month and displayed one every month. The purpose of this was to encourage people to be interested in green life and perhaps encourage them to start their own little garden at home. Around November, two of our sustainability ambassadors wrote an article about the way one can reduce their carbon footprint by using some digital apps. With this project we wanted to make sustainability more approachable to not only younger generations, but also more accessible to people during Covid, when it's harder to be more environmentally friendly. Later on in the year, we decided to educate people of sustainability in a fun and playful way. We have created different puzzles with a sustainability theme and awarded the winner with some zero waste essentials. This not only provided people with a fun activity about sustainability, but hopefully also encouraged them to continue learning about sustainability. Lastly, we are currently working on the video to show to an everyday student on how they can make some simple sustainable habits, again with this we hope to make sustainability seem as something accessible and not something out of reach. Next year we hope to continue working on different projects in different formats, to reach different types of audiences.

Last modified:28 September 2021 2.42 p.m.