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General house rules University of Groningen

General: buildings and the surrounding area

1.   Only eat and drink in the designated areas – never in lecture halls, computer rooms, libraries or laboratories. Resealable bottles of water are permitted.

2.   Only make phone calls where this is permitted, and not in or near lecture halls, study areas or libraries.

3.   Throw litter in the litter bins.

4.   Do not bring animals with you. Assistance dogs are welcome in the UG buildings. Provided your dog is equipped with a clearly recognizable assistance dog harness or jacket and the dog can be identified using the KNGF pass or a pass of a different school.

5.   Smoking is not permitted on UG grounds.

6.   Put bicycles in the sheds or bicycle racks.

7.   Keep emergency exits accessible; call 050 363 8050 in an emergency.

Specific: for students

8.   Telephones, laptops and tablets may only be used during lectures for matters related to that lecture.

9.   Be on time – there is no ‘academic quarter hour’.

10. Keep quiet – talking disturbs the lecturer and fellow students.

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