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Autumn 2013

Worldwide Newsletter, University of Groningen

University of Groningen in Top 100 of the three most important ranking lists

The University of Groningen has broken into the Top 100 of the three most important ranking lists. Only a very select group of about 60 universities world-wide can boast this status - and Groningen is now one of them. This is a wonderful start to our anniversary year, the year we reach the respectable age of 400. According to Sibrand Poppema, President of the Board of the University, the importance of a good position in prestigious international ranking lists should not be underestimated. ‘It allows us to consolidate our international top position, which is important in terms of attracting students and academics from abroad and acquiring research funding.’
Read more about our 92nd place in the Shanghai ranking, our 97th place in the QS, and our 98th place in the THE ranking.

prof. Klaas Knot

Anniversary year opens in style

The theme of the opening this year was academic freedom. The start of the anniversary year was also celebrated - the University turns 400 in 2014. ‘Academic year 2013-2014 is going to be one to be proud of’, said Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken in his speech. The University is linking a research project on a theme chosen by the public to its 400th anniversary celebrations. One of the speakers was Prof. Klaas Knot, president of De Nederlandsche Bank and a University alumnus. Read more ...

Rosalind Franklin

€ 6.6 million EU grant for Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

The EU has awarded a grant of € 6.6 million to the Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme of the University of Groningen. The University is investing € 10 million in the programme. The EU grant is intended for the fifth round of the Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme, which will start on 1 October 2014 and last five years. Read more ...

To Florence by train

University of Groningen 400 years: Back to the University

Create an account and imagine yourself back already. Don't you think it would be great if you could meet everyone you have ever known, met or seen during your studies again at the University's 400th anniversary?  On the weekend of 13-15 June 2014, the RUG has many events specifically organized for alumni. Start sharing memories by submitting photos and stories in the Memories for Infinity photo book. Create an account on and start immediately in order to go back to the University of Groningen! Read more ...

Prince Ralph Osei

Behind the scenes: Interview with Prince Ralph Osei

‘Moi, met Prince’ is how he answers the phone, but his Dutch still needs a bit of work. Only 29 years old, he has already lived on three continents. He came to Europe to see what all the fuss was about. He is the International Alumni Officer at the University of Groningen. An interview with Prince Ralph Osei. Read more ...


NEXT Careers Services

The University of Groningen wants to offer its prospective students, students and alumni the best possible facilities to prepare and develop their careers. Within the framework of NEXT, various activities are organized to help them make choices – and study choices in particular – and prepare them for the job market. In order to achieve this, NEXT is working actively with faculties, study associations, alumni organizations and other providers in the field of careers services. NEXT is located in the University Library. Read more ....


Nature Chemistry: Groningen chemists develop switchable antibiotic

Scientists at the University of Groningen have developed an antibiotic whose activity can be controlled using light. It is possible to ‘switch on’ the substance immediately before use, after which it will slowly lose its activity. Thus release of the active antibiotic into the environment might be prevented. This discovery was published on the website of the scientific journal Nature Chemistry on Sunday 15 September 2013. Read more ...

dead sea scrolls

Support University of Groningen's research: Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the most important archaeological findings ever. In the middle of the last century almost thousand manuscripts from the period before and around the start of our era have been discovered in the caves around Qumran.  They offer a unique insight into the beginnings of what later is called the Bible. Read more ...

University Library

Unifocus, our online magazine

This week's edition:

  • De Dromenwever (Dream weaver): exam dreams Prof. Douwe Draaisma wrote De Dromenwever (The Dream-weaver), a book in which he sorts the facts on erotic, prophetic and exam dreams from overwrought fiction.
  • A switchable antibiotic University of Groningen scientists have created an antibiotic that can be ‘switched on' using light.
  • Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls Dr. Mladen Popovic, director of the Qumran Institute of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, is the initiator and curator of the highly popular exhibition on the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Drents Museum. Together with the Ubbo Emmius Fund of the University of Groningen, he has started a crowdfunding appeal to fund research into the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, Popovic intends to digitally analyse the scrolls.
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Centre for Religious Studies judged best in the Netherlands

The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies in the University Groningen practises scholarship at the very highest level. This is one of the conclusions contained in a report compiled by an international review committee and published on 5 July 2013. After inspecting six Dutch research institutes for Theology and Religious Studies, the committee branded the Centre for Religious Studies (the Faculty’s research institute) the best in the Netherlands. Read more ...


Upcoming Alumni Events

  • RUG Alumni Dinner in Jakarta, October 12
  • Alumni Reception, San Francisco, October 15
  • Invitation for Working Session: Shaping the RUG Alumni Chapter Zürich, October 24
  • Biketour in Brooklyn for RUG alumni, Sunday, October 27

Chapter Singapore meeting

Newsletter Alumni Chapter Singapore

The University of Groningen Singapore Alumni Chapter has kicked off with a reception at the Hollandse Club. The reception was to bring all Groningers and RUG alumni together for the first time. The start of the alumni chapter is to engage in a new relationship with the university. Read more ...

Did you know?

  • International students in the Netherlands put the University of Groningen at the top of the list. Read more ...
  • The University of Groningen has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn especially for the (international) alumni. Check them out for the latest news!
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