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Summer 2010

Gizachew Manahle

Gizachew Manahle: dean of the Law Faculty of Haramaya University, alumnus of the University of Groningen

"I feel honored to write this foreword to the newsletter University of Groningen Worldwide. Clearly, the University of Groningen is one of the oldest world class universities. It is also an internationally oriented university with a global reach. It is literally home to a large body of students almost from all parts of the world. The result is that the University enjoys a large number of partners, alumni and friends all over the world. Keeping this group of people informed of developments at the University of Groningen and staying connected with them is what the University of Groningen does through, among others, the publication of this newsletter University of Groningen Worldwide. Especially for those of us who live physically away from the University of Groningen, this newsletter is an important means of communication. I hope the University of Groningen, through the continual publication of this newsletter, always keeps us connected. "

Gizachew Admasu Manahle, dean of the Law Faculty of Haramaya University, Ethiopia

> an interview with Gizachew Manahle

Four University of Groningen professors chosen as members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

The elections for the Academy (KNAW) take place annually and are based on academic performance, with members being proposed by the academic community. Members of the Academy are prominent academic researchers, working in all fields of scholarly research. The new Academy members will be installed on Monday 13 September.

Beijing Activity

Groningen in the eyes of Chinese alumni

On 22 May, a delegation of the University of Groningen led by Prof. Sibrand Poppema, President of the Board of the University, visited the city of Beijing. In addition to their programme, the members of the delegation also attended a simultaneous alumni event and predeparture meeting for alumni and future students of the University of Groningen. In total, 55 alumni and future students attended this event where Prof. Poppema gave a presentation about the latest developments and ambitions of the University of Groningen. > read more

Soccer field

Prof. dr. R.H. Koning: 'Betting Market best predictor of Football World Cup'

The best way to predict which team will be going home with the world cup, is to keep an eye on the betting markets, thinks professor of Sports Economics Ruud Koning. Of course you can ask all kinds of experts who they think will be the winners, says Koning. ‘If you ask enough experts, there’ll always be someone who makes the right prediction.’ If you want to do a proper, convincing prediction, however, then even the best mathematical models of the FIFA World Rankings pale into insignificance alongside the speculations on the online betting market. > read more

Groningen/Baltimore research shows: protein in urine important indicator of risk of death and cardiovascular disease

For people with chronic kidney disease protein loss in the urine appears to be just as important an indicator for the chances of death and the risk of cardiovascular disease as the degree of renal function loss. This has been revealed by a meta-analysis conducted by kidney researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen/University of Groningen and the University of Baltimore. The results of this research on more than a million people have been published in The Lancet. > read more

University of Groningen takes part in World Cup for Solar Powered Boats

The World Cup for Solar Powered Boats, the Frisian Solar Challenge, is the biggest sustainable energy event in the Netherlands. The race starts on 4 July in the city of Leeuwarden, which is in the northern part of the Netherlands. For the third time a Solar Team from Groningen will battle with dozens of other solar teams from around the world. The Solar Team is a collaboration between the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Praedinius Gymnasium and Noorderpoortcollege. After an attractive start through the canals of the city of Leeuwarden, the solar-powered boats will follow a six-day route along the historical Eleven Frisian Cities. > Solar Challenge website

Virtual Reality Centre
Virtual Reality Centre

Did you know?

Siege of Groningen
Siege of Groningen

Celebration in 'Stad': Groningen Liberation Day on 28 August

On 28 August every year, when the University of Groningen staff and students have just returned from their holidays, the city of Groningen – Stad – celebrates. The occasion is the commemoration of the day in 1672 that the city was freed from the siege by the Bishop of the German city of Münster. No more than a quarter of a century earlier, in a treaty signed in that very same city, the Republic of the Seven United Provinces had been recognized by all foreign parties. Groningen was also part of the Republic. The Bishop of Münster, however, took a different view in 1672...  > read more

'GreenerBuilding' is the office of the future

The University of Groningen is going to play an important role in ‘GreenerBuildings’, a European project on saving energy in commercial buildings and offices. This will involve developing software and sensors for a system that will attune the energy consumption in a building to the activities that are taking place there at a certain moment in time. GreenerBuildings is an EU project in which the University of Groningen, Eindhoven University of Technology, the University of Rome, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, Philips, EnOcean GmbH and Fluid Solutions are participating. > read more  

IT project in Uganda: PhD degrees awarded to two Ugandan researchers in May

On Friday 21 May, two Ugandan researchers were awarded PhD degrees by the University of Groningen – Geoffrey Andogah of Gulu University and Julianne Sansa of Makerere University. Gulu University and Makerere University are two of the four public universities in Uganda with which the University of Groningen has been cooperating since 2003 (the other two are Kyambogo University and Mbarara University). The cooperation concerns a major IT project, which the University of Groningen is implementing in close cooperation with Radboud University Nijmegen and Eindhoven University of Technology. > read more

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