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First Album Amicorum for Mr Jan Zegering Hadders

Since the end of 2009, Master’s students and PhD students have been presented with a special gift from the University at their graduation ceremony: the Album Amicorum. The Album (a bound, luxury edition of 160 pages) is a lasting memento in words and especially images of their student days, the city of Groningen and the University of Groningen. The book can be personalized; it is possible to put photos in it or to have friends write in it. With this book, the University wishes to strengthen the bond between the University and its alumni while simultaneously making the graduation ceremony even more festive.

First Album Amicorum presented to Mr Jan Zegering Hadders
First Album Amicorum presented to Mr Jan Zegering Hadders

History of the Album Amicorum

For centuries, academics carried an Album Amicorum on their persons – also known as a friendship book – in which memories of friends and family and special moments were collected. They also took it with them on their travels to different European universities. By breathing new life into this old tradition, the University of Groningen hopes to strengthen the bond with its alumni.

The initiative for the Album Amicorum came from Mr Jan Zegering Hadders, member of the board of the Ubbo Emmius Fund, former CEO of ING Netherlands and an alumnus himself. It was developed by the Department of Alumni Relations and Fundraising in collaboration with the internationally renowned photography institution and photo festival Noorderlicht.

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