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Research Democracy & Governance

Democracy & Governance

Democracies are not to be taken for granted and are in constant evolution. They gain strength, but also face threats at the local, national and international levels. For instance, the past couple of decades saw the emergence of political parties and movements that openly challenge key principles of liberal democracy and threaten the rule of law. In addition, governments experience difficulties in implementing policies and search for a balance between collective decisions and local participation.

Overall, the relations between the elected representatives, the state and the citizens are strained and the gaps appear to widen. This leads to increasing levels of public distrust, creates fertile grounds for populist movements, and challenges good governance at all levels.

The Democracy & Governance research group is a UG-wide, interdisciplinary network of experts working on these issues. Its activities cover issues such as deliberative democracy; accountability and transparency in public governance; understanding populism and extremism; and transnational cooperation to tackle global risks and challenges. From neighbourhood- and municipality-based initiatives to internationalism, all levels of governance are covered by our members.

We focus on a healthy exchange of new and cutting-edge ideas on the topics mentioned, set up interdisciplinary collaborations with partners inside and outside the university, and use our evolving expertise to strengthen Democracy and Governance at large.

Three sets of activities are organized by D&G:

  1. A series of webinars focusing on topical societal issues;
  2. Small and medium-scale events to connect RUG experts and practitioners;
  3. Cross-faculty initiatives to foster multidisciplinary research projects on societal matters related to the above-mentioned theme.

If you are interested in the activities of the D&G research group, or want to contribute in any way, do not hesitate to contact us. Your ideas, networks and input are necessary to make the research group work. You can contact us by sending an email to b.j.j.leruth .

Core group members:

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