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Sustainable Society

Research Democracy & Governance

Democracy and Governance

The Democracy & Governance (D&G) research group is developing itself quickly at the moment. The group offers opportunities to further acquaint interested staff members with each other’s research interests, activities, and ambitions in this field. It stimulates the development of interdisciplinary research and teaching. The challenges that our democratic and government institutions are facing are the starting point of our work. Close collaboration with societal partners is key to this endeavour in order to cross-fertilize our work. Opted expert partners are the City of Groningen (such as the Cooperatieve Wijkraad Group experiment) and other regional municipalities, representatives from the Northern provinces, relevant Ministries, related research institutes, international institutions and relevant stakeholders at large.

If you are interested in the activities of the D&G research group, or want to contribute in any way, feel free to contact us. Your ideas, networks and input are necessary to make the research group work. Please, send an email to sustainablesociety

For more information, you can also speak to one of the members of the core team:

  • Dr. Kees Aarts (Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences)
  • Dr. Caspar van den Bergh (Campus Friesland)
  • Dr. Solke Munneke (Faculty of Law)
  • Dr. Marc Pauly (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Dr. Gerrit Voerman (Faculty of Arts)
  • Dr. Dirk Jan Wolffram (Faculty of Arts)
  • Prof. dr. Lars Rensmann (Faculty of Arts)
  • Dr. Stefan Couperus (Faculty of Arts)
  • Benjamin Leruth, PhD (coordinator)
  • Dr. Kees van Veen (Scientific director Sustainable Society)
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