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Populism & Extremism

Far-right extremism, often wrapped in populist messages, is one of the biggest threats to democracy around the world, from India to Europe, to the United States and Brazil. Political populism builds on a world-view based on the antagonistic opposition of ‘the good people’ and the ‘corrupt elite’, and is often connected to ideologies such as nativism, misogyny, authoritarianism and racism.

Populism and Extremism aims to analyze and contextualize these political issues by addressing them from multiple disciplinary perspectives - law, political science, psychology, media - and work creatively in cooperation with non-academic stakeholders to mitigate these challenges to democracy.

Open and interdisciplinary networking platform

Populism and Extremism is an open and interdisciplinary networking platform and hub for researchers and stakeholders across faculties and society at large. We invite active participation from interested scholars or societal institutions, and work in a bottom-up and inclusive organization. The group organizes regular events like keynote lectures by prominent scholars in the field, book and research presentations, workshops, networking events, meet ups with societal stakeholders and social drinks. As a network, our aim is to connect researchers across disciplinary and faculty boundaries and with societal partners to make research on populism and extremism visible and to foster collaborations within and beyond the academic context. Through our membership mailing list (open to anyone interested), we share news about ongoing research and relevant events. Reach out to the coordinators if you want to be added.


We also provide and maintain an open and ever-growing database of experts on populism & extremism related topics within the University of Groningen to provide interested societal parties and journalists with relevant contacts.


Dr. Léonie de Jonge

  • E-mail:

Dr. Lisa Gaufman

  • E-mail: e.gaufman

Dr. Melanie Schiller:

  • Tel.: 050 36 36078

  • E-mail: m.m.schiller

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