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Sustainable Society


Democracy and Governance

The Democracy & Governance (D&G) platform offers the opportunity for researchers to get a better overview of the research expertise related to democracy and governance at the University of Groningen. Both from an academic perspective as from societal trends we feel an urge to build a platform that creates more insights in what is happening in society, related to the topic of democracy and governance.

This interdisciplinary platform is also open for external experts, which are actively approached and involved in Sustainable Society. Opted expert partners are the City of Groningen (Cooperatieve Wijkraad Group), representatives from relevant Ministries, other research institutes and other relevant stakeholders.

What we are after:

  • Inform about new ways of thinking and doing democracy and governance in the contexts of academic research, political developments, practical processes;
  • Broaden horizons beyond disciplinary boundaries;
  • Stimulate research & collaboration: 1) within the university, 2) within and across academic disciplines, 3) with organizations outside of academia;
  • Informational hub: information about conferences, grant opportunities, summer schools, etc.;
  • Your ideas, networks and input to make the platform work.

The D&G platform is open to all researchers at all stages of their careers who feel acquainted with the topic of Democracy & Governance. The D&G platform comes together at least 2 times per year.

Want to be involved in the D&G research group? Send an email to


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