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Think Tank - Broader Wellbeing in the North

The group 'Broad Prosperity in the North' brings together leading researchers from the northern Planning Agencies with scientists from universities and colleges. Together, they aim to enrich the debate on the broad prosperity development of the Northern Netherlands. For this purpose, scientific insights are linked to practical issues.

Focus on rural areas

In the academic seasons of 2023/24 and 2024/25, the issue of rural areas takes center stage. Under pressure from the national government, provinces are focusing on programmatic changes to restore the balance between ecology and economy. Officials and administrators often emphasize the importance of ownership and democratic support. However, finding ways to involve residents in the area's challenges remains a challenge.


The living environment of rural areas will be highlighted by the northern Planning Agencies through a panel survey. A think tank will then help interpret the results. In the spring of '25, actionable perspectives will be formulated, targeting officials and administrators who wish to narrow the gap between the system world and the living environment in rural areas.


The group is in close contact with the National Network for Broad Prosperity:

Contact: prof. dr. Marijn Molema

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