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International comparative landscape research: ways forward for vulnerable social-ecological systems

The portfolios of what people and societies demand from landscapes’ tangible natural resources and immaterial values are dynamic. To understand if and how demand and supply can be matched and negotiated requires that some researchers leave the comfort zone of working only within narrow academic disciplines.

Embarking on integrative social-ecological research with actors and stakeholders is one approach. This implies knowledge production about landscapes as coupled social and ecological systems, as well as learning with practitioners at different levels of decision-making, planning and management. The European continent’s diversity landscapes and regions is an exciting arena for such inter- and transdisciplinary research.

To mirror differences in environmental history, cross-cultural variation and legacies of societal steering, this research group works in multiple case study landscapes that represent a wide range of governance arrangements in both EU and non-EU countries. Ecologically, these range from intact natural forest landscapes with highly functional green infrastructure for biodiversity conservation, to traditional cultural landscapes that provide multiple benefits for human well-bei

Contact: Per Angelstam, Professor, International Fellow at the Rudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development at University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Last modified:13 June 2023 3.33 p.m.
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