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New UGP publication: Universiteit van het Noorden: Vier eeuwen academisch leven in Groningen

20 June 2023

The three-volume work Universiteit van het Noorden: Vier eeuwen academisch leven in Groningen is now available online and open access at UGP.

In Universiteit van het Noorden, Klaas van Berkel tells the fascinating story of the University of Groningen. With an eye for both the big picture and telling details, he takes us through the eventful history of this centuries-old institution.

The first part of the work highlights the early years of the university, which was founded in 1614. Van Berkel sheds light on the pioneering spirit of the founders and the intellectual and social challenges they faced. He describes how the university grew and developed at a time when science and knowledge were becoming increasingly important in society.

The second part focuses on the university during periods of political and social turbulence. Van Berkel describes how the university adapted to changes in education and science while at the same time facing political influences and ideological challenges. He brings to life the stories of students and faculty, highlighting the resilience and perseverance of the academic community.

The final section of the work focuses on modern times, in which the university has grown into a leading world-class institution. Van Berkel paints a picture of the scientific breakthroughs, intellectual flourishing and social engagement of the University of Groningen in the contemporary world. He also explores the challenges and opportunities facing the university in a rapidly changing academic landscape.

Through his lively narrative style and thorough research, Klaas van Berkel brings the history of the University of Groningen to life. His work provides both an overview of key events and developments and engaging anecdotes and details that give the reader insight into academic life in Groningen. The three-volume work is a valuable resource for both history buffs and those interested in the evolution of higher education in the Netherlands.

This three-volume work can still be ordered in print from its original publisher Uitgeverij Verloren and regular bookstores.

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