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Sustainable Society

Sustainable Society is a focal point that works interdisciplinary within the University of Groningen. Several departments of the University are working on Sustainable Society related research topics. In 2013 the University decided to form this focal point into a network-organisation. This organisation is fully dedicated to the further development of a university-wide research agenda on Sustainable Society.

The University of Groningen is highly interested in societal dilemmas. Sustainable Society has its focus on issues of societal transition. Three profile areas are important: Inclusion, Cooperation and Resilience. The full range of Social Sciences and Humanities are involved, it is a cross-disciplinary program.

The University of Groningen’s vision regarding Sustainable Society:

'Throughout its 400 years of existence, the University of Groningen has been heavily involved in the field of fundamental scientific research. Given this long tradition, the University of Groningen regards itself as a natural contributor to the process of making society more sustainable with the final aim of promoting a balanced society.’

The mission of Sustainable Society:

‘The University of Groningen’s Sustainable Society mission translates in concrete terms into an active contribution to promoting a balanced society through fundamental research. In line with the classical identity of the University of Groningen, it wants to function as a responsible player in the process of making society more sustainable.’

Sustainable Society presents a few of it's projects. The projects provide a further insight in what Sustainable Society is all about. Next to these presented projects, there are a number of other initiatives which you can find on our website in the form of short films, interviews, columns and in our activities.

Sustainable Society film - What is Sustainable Society all about?

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