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NIDI meets RUG
NIDI meets RUG

On 19 March 2014 the cooperation agreement was signed between the national demographic institute of the Netherlands, NIDI (the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute) and the University of Groningen. Several interfaces exist between NIDI and RUG research: a strong link exists between NIDI and the RUG pillar Sustainable Society. There is a strong need in both society and in academia for demographic research with high societal relevance. In September 2014 NIDI and RUG collegues met at the “NIDI-Sustainable Society expertmeeting” in Groningen. Strong links were build between the researchers and specific agreements were made on cooperation, lobby and the co organisation of policy briefings. 2014 can be seen as the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between NIDI and Sustainable Society.

University of Bremen
A longstanding relationship exists between the RUG and the University of Bremen. A mutual interest in the topic of “Diversity, Inclusion and Pluralism” has led to two expertmeetings, one in Bremen end of 2013 and one in Groningen beginning of 2014. Several bilateral contacts arose because of these meetings. International cooperation is being stimulated by Sustainable Society.

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