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VICI grants

Marcel Timmer - Global Value Chains: a new perspective on global trade, jobs and income inequality - total project budget 1.500.000,-
An iPad is developed in the US but produced in China. Who does what, where and for what remuneration? This project will investigate the determinants of trade and offer new insights into the consequences for the jobs and income of employees at regional, national and global levels.

René Veenstra - Anti-bullying programs 2.0: Tailored interventions to minimize bullying - total project budget 1.500.000,-
Why do anti-bullying programmes not work in all classes? Social network analyses and tailored advice are used to try to resolve the problem of bullying. Interventions (meaningful tasks for popular bullies; support groups for victims of chronic bullying; coaching of teachers) will be developed, introduced and evaluated in order to help schools fight bullying.

Thea Hilhorst - When disasters meet conflict. Disaster response of humanitarian aid and local state and non-state institutions in different conflict scenarios - total project budget 1.500.000,-
Natural disasters coupled with a conflict. What happens if a natural disaster occurs in a conflict area? What can the government do, how do the institutions function and what do the various aid organizations do to cope? How can they prevent the conflict getting worse? This will be investigated in nine countries struggling with natural disasters and various kinds of conflict .

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