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Minor Sustainable Society

The University College Groningen has the intention to create minor programmes around the three University focal areas. Sustainable Society is planned to be the first, starting in September 2017. Sustainable Society is highly interested in this development and is willing to explore cooperation possibilities with UCG. The University College has the intention to create three minor-programmes that are situated within the three focus areas of the University of Groningen. The minor will have a theme that relates to Sustainable Society, is universal, and can be approached interdisciplinary from all fields of science. Themes that came up are:

·         Education: ethnicity and educational success, accessibility of education
·         Nature and man: deliberately caused (man-inflicted?) hazards, sustainable landscapes
·         Migration: from country-side to city, international crises, refugees
·         Social Entrepreneurship

The University College Groningen wishes to develop a minor that is both accessible to their own students as well as students from other faculties.

The University College is an interdisciplinary faculty, with staff from all disciplines. The idea is that the minor will be an interdisciplinary package of courses in which students are also expected to work on project-based assignments.

The outline of the minor programme will be as follows: There will be four 5 ECTS courses which will focus on content and methodology and two 5 ECTS (or one 10 ECTS) courses in which students will work on projects.

As soon if there is more information about the minor, we will update this web-page.

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