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Inventory education per faculty

Sustainable Society has explored the possibilities for being in the educational programmes of the University of Groningen.

Sustainable Society believes that just studying one of the fields of Sustainable Society does not automatically prepare a student to work within that society. It does not prepare them to work and cope with people who think and approach things differently. Sustainable Society believes that in order for students to get as much as they can out of their studies it is also important:

·         to gain further insight in how their field of studies relates to the outside world;
·         what their opportunities for employment are;
·         what the role of their profession is in the outside world;
·         how people outside of their own expertise think and do research.

In short: we wish for students to develop a birds-eye view of all aspects of their discipline. In that way they can position themselves and their discipline within the university and society. These students are our future scientists, policy makers, politicians, social workers and they will also make up a large part of university staff. It is important that they also have a wider understanding of their own role, capabilities and way of thinking compared to other people they work with/for.

Sustainable Society did an inventory of education per faculty. We scored all faculties on the three general topics of Sustainable Society: Inclusion, Cooperation and Resilience. Though Sustainable Society can be interpreted as being broader than just these main themes, the choice was made to use the themes in order to differentiate between the programmes rather than having the label being applicable to all programmes within Socials Sciences and Humanities. Other used criteria: Research driven, Interdisciplinary, Employability, Traineeships/Projects and Social issues.

PDF - Inventory Education

Extra information for understanding the PDF:
·Explanation of the different fonts: Italics are tracks, grey + italic are specializations;
·We have not looked at Research Masters and Educational masters (lerarenopleidingen);
·These criteria are also named by the University in the new Strategic Plan and are in that sense not new.
·For this inventory the webpages for prospective students were used, that means more programmes might comply with all criteria, this is not communicated clearly to (prospective) students.

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