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Sustainable Society

Sustainable Society is one of the three main focus areas of the University of Groningen. We are a network organization and focus on societal challenges. We want to contribute to sustainable development of communities and societies at large, both regionally and globally. We connect different parties within and outside the university of Groningen and stimulate knowledge creation and dissemination.  

A Sustainable Society is build on four essential pillars:
(a) economic prosperity
(b) social inclusion, cohesion and justice
(c) environmental sustainability realized by
(d) good governance by major social actors, including governments and business.  

Sustainable Stories

  • 10 July 2019

    Geboorteperking lost het klimaatprobleem niet op

    De groei van de wereldbevolking baart veel beleidsmakers zorgen. Denk aan uitdagingen als de klimaatverandering en de voedselvoorziening. In 2015 telde de wereldbevolking 7,4 miljard mensen. Volgens de laatste verwachting van de Verenigde Naties (VN) op 17...

  • 20 June 2019

    Integration is a two-way street: A training that prepares employers to hire refugees

    A special day, Monday 3 June 2019. For 1.5 years we have been working on developing a training to prepare Dutch employers to hire and work with newcomers: ‘Dealing with cultural diversity, training for realistic tolerance at the workplace’. Now we were...
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