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It has been a big pleasure to host the 41st International IAEE conference!

Datum:29 juni 2018

We have been proud to host the 41st edition of the IAEE international conference in 2018.  About 650 participants from all over the world attended, of which about 450 contributed as speaker or chair. Conference participants included academics, policy...

Report Gas production and earthquakes in Groningen

End to gas extraction in Groningen means opportunities

Datum:05 juni 2018

In their report entitled ‘Gas production and earthquakes in Groningen. Reflection on economic and social consequences’, University of Groningen researchers Machiel Mulder and Peter Perey conclude that the government’s announcement of its intention to stop...

Rapport Gas production and earthquakes in Groningen

Einde aan Groninger gaswinning biedt regio kans op voortrekkersrol energietransitie

Datum:05 juni 2018

Nu het kabinet heeft aangekondigd de gaswinning uit het Groningenveld volledig te willen beëindigen, ontstaan er kansen om te werken aan alternatieven voor de regio. Dankzij de vrije ruimte in de omgeving, een ligging dichtbij de zee en de aanwezigheid van...

IAEE Energy Conference

Two new round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy

Datum:26 april 2018

In one of the six round tables of the IAEE Energy conference we will have a panel discussion on the impact of climate policies on international competitiveness. Which climate policy tools are most effective: subsidies or carbon taxes? How can the energy...

IAEE Energy conference-2018

Other round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference

Datum:19 april 2018

The round table ‘Energy Transition: Role of Local Governments’ on June 12, 2018 focusses on the dramatic change in the energy industry from a centralized large-scale fossil fuel generation to distributed decentralized small-scale generation based on...

Fransforming Energy Markets

Two new round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference

Datum:12 april 2018

The round table ‘Disruptive Challenges for the Energy Industry’ on 11 June 2018 discusses disruptive innovations, how the energy industry can cope with this phenomenon and the role of government policy in the world of disruptive developments. The examples...

Transforming Energy Markets

Six round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference

Datum:10 april 2018

These round tables offer a unique opportunity for academics, policy makers, consultants and representatives from energy business to meet and discuss various relevant energy related topics.