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Appeal to scientists worldwide for accelerated climate adaptation action

03 december 2020
Flooding houses. Photo: Monika Mlynek
Flooding houses. Photo: Monika Mlynek

Together with Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Global Center on Adaptation is calling for accelerated climate adaptation action. A declaration has been drawn up, which scientists from all over the world are being urged to sign, as the world needs a massive collective effort to be able to adapt to climate change. In other words: act now. If we delay, we will pay. The University of Groningen supports the call to action and calls on its own scientists and scholars, and scientists around the world, to sign the declaration.

Summary of the statement of the Global Center on Adaptation

The world is in a growing climate emergency that requires immediate action. Unless we step up and adapt now, the changing climate will cause increasing poverty, water shortages, agricultural losses and soaring levels of migration with an enormous toll on human life. The twin threats of COVID-19 and climate change urge us to do everything in our power to ensure our response to both is coordinated and becomes a watershed moment for investment in a more sustainable world. If we act now, we have the opportunity to plan ahead and prosper.

Four revolutions need to take place to accelerate adaptation action to the pace and scale required. First, we must adapt in the way that we manage and protect natural systems. Second, we need a revolution in long-term planning; a revolution that accounts for climate risk in the way that we actually plan our cities, our infrastructure and our private investments. Third, policies that provide primary and secondary education to all are essential to having a society that can effectively adapt to a changed climate. Fourth, there must be a revolution in the way that finance is organized, so that existing funds and resources can be targeted to accelerate adaptation. Adaptation must be at the forefront of decision-making.

Read the full statement

Act now and sign the form

Ahead of the Climate Adaptation Summit hosted by the Netherlands in January, we – as a group of scientists – call upon world leaders, decision-makers and investors to change the way that we understand, plan and invest to fit a changing climate and to ensure that we limit future damage. We commit to supporting you in adapting boldly, adapting fairly and adapting now.

We must work together to act and adapt to our changing world before it is too late.

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