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Insights in Impact. The societal consequences of gas extraction and perspectives for the future | New book by Kennisplatform

29 November 2023
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The new book from Kennisplatform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen is now available. Titled 'Insights in Impact: The Societal Consequences of Gas Extraction and Perspectives for the Future.'

What is 'Insights in Impact' about?

The societal consequences of gas extraction from the Groningen field continue to evolve. This is partly due to the gas extraction itself and the earthquakes, but also due to the search for an effective approach, disagreements, and the numerous changes in policy and governance. The collection of information is becoming increasingly complex and confusing. Attempts to contain the problem sometimes result in a new crisis. What does this do to residents and their living environment? Knowledge about this is not always accessible and is dispersed across various research groups, institutions, and agencies. Kennisplatform Leefbaar en Kansrijk Groningen provides an overview of the consequences with the book: Insights in Impact.

Stories of residents from Groningen

The book consists of three parts. The first part, the knowledge overview, presents the main research, reports, and developments up to mid-2023. It connects knowledge from various disciplines and agencies, enabling the reader to better understand the collection of information and its progression.  In the section 'Impact in Focus', residents' stories are featured through interviews and photography. In the final part, multiple scientists provide their insights on the collection of information through in-depth essays.

In the video below, the creators further explain the book and the work carried out by the Kennisplatform.

The book will soon be available in various libraries in the provinces of Groningen and North Drenthe. It is also possible to pick up a (free) copy at the Kennisplatform; feel free to contact us for details. Additionally, the book is accessible online on the Kennisplatform's website. An English version of the book, titled 'Insights in Impact', is also available there.
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