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Minor Arctic and Antarctic Studies


Embark on a captivating journey into Arctic and Antarctic Studies! This minor program is designed to provide a broad social and ecological overview in Arctic human- environment relations, and is suitable for students from a variety of research backgrounds. Instructors in the programme are all carrying out original research in this dynamic part of the world and have experience with policy-related issues. This programme can provide excellent preparation for a career in research (natural or social) or policy/ governance. Working independently and in groups, students will learn to think critically, develop original research topics, and write well-formulated analyses.


Students will gain valuable insights from the perspective of different disciplines, including (but not limited to) hard sciences (e.g., vegetation patterns), history (e.g., activities of historic exploration in the Polar Regions), archeology (e.g., ancient cultures), social science (e.g., climate influence on Inuit way of life), political science (e.g., geopolitics of exploitation), environmental protection policy (e.g., Antarctic Treaty). 


The full minor contains six courses of five ECTS; it starts in September and, if taken full-time, it can be completed in half a year. You can also choose for fewer courses and start the minor in half November. A set of three courses of 5 ECTS each can be followed full-time. These 3 courses are different in form: in course (a) the student acts like a student, in course (b) the student acts like a teacher and in module (c) the student has to show an approach like a scientist.

Practical Information

Students from the University of Groningen can register via Progress. Students at other institutions of higher education can enrol in a subsidiary course at the University of Groningen. The minor is also open for non-registered students, via the so called open modules. Enrolment for the minor is possible from the end of May until 5 July 2024 and enrolment for the courses is possible until 5 July 2024. For more information on the programme, you can visit the minor webpage. If you have any questions, please contact Maarten Loonen.

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