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What researchers say about UGP

Titus Stahl, Zeitschrift für philosophische Literatur
Titus Stahl, Associate Professor Philosophy

Journal: Zeitschrift für philosophische Literatur

"Recently, Zeitschrift für Philosophische Literatur (ZfPhL) became part of UGP. Under own management the administrative tasks soon became cluttered. UGP's services were the optimal solution for us. The UGP staff invested many hours to tailor the processes and the software to our needs. Through UGP we were able to further professionalize ZfPhL and increase its reach. We are happy to be part of UGP and recommend their services to other editors and authors without reservation."

Anja Schüppert, Tijdschrift voor Skandinavistiek
Anja Schüppert, Assistant Professor Scandinavian linguistics

Journal: Tijdschrift voor Skandinavistiek

"My colleagues and I especially appreciate the personal contact with UGP, because we are not professional editors but researchers. This allows us to concentrate on our core tasks. As editors we are well supported in all relevant steps, from setting up the system to publication. In a recent expansion of the editorial staff with two international researchers, UGP helped us by discussing adjustments and introducing them to the system."

Goffe Jensma, Us Wurk
Goffe Jensma, Professor Frisian language and literature; director of studies MA Multilingualism and BA Minorities & Multilingualism

Journal: Us Wurk

"Since 1952 Us Wurk has been one of the most important publishing media in the field of the academic study of Frisian. In the last twenty years the publication climate has changed drastically. In order to continue to share knowledge in this field of expertise, we searched for other publication possibilities. We are particularly pleased that UGP was willing to host our journal. Thanks to the great efforts and help of the UGP staff (as well as our editorial secretary Saakje van Dellen), we have succeeded in modernizing the publication structure rapidly. Thank you very much!"

Sake Jager, Journal of Virtual Exchange
Sake Jager, Project Manager ICT & Education, Assistant Professor Applied Linguistics

Journal: Journal of Virtual Exchange (JVE)

"UNICollaboration, the organization that publishes Journal of Virtual Exchange (JVE) and of which I am a board member, was looking for an institution that could transfer JVE from Trinity College. UGP was happy to host the journal and to support us in the migration process. UGP completely redesigned the journal, converted publications and authors, and guided the editors-in-chief from the US and England with using UGP's open access publishing system. With the support of UGP we expect that JVE can grow into the leading journal in the field of Virtual Exchange in the coming years."

Reet Varma, Groningen Journal of International Law
Reet Varma, Master student at the Faculty of Law

Journal: Groningen Journal of International Law (GroJIL)

“UGP is run by proactive staff who work around the clock to train our new members in the use of an open access journal and to increase our online visibility. We chose for an open access journal because Groningen Journal of International Law (GroJIL) want its content to be easily accessible to everyone. Besides helping us work with the basics, UGP takes initiative to ensure that the journal is available on relevant international databases. GroJIL is a student-led journal. UGP’s student-friendly approach and connections with the Faculty of Law are major positives.”

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