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Discovering the Dutch - Personal Training Programme

A new assignment in the Netherlands!

Embarking on an overseas assignment can be exciting – you and your family get the chance to live and work in a new country, experiencing new career opportunities and a new culture at the same time.

But, moving to a new country can also be challenging. The practical and logistical challenges of such a move, though overwhelming, are often expected. The subtlety of the cultural challenges, on the other hand, can be surprising. Cultural difference can manifest unexpectedly in many different arenas, from the basics of how we attempt to communicate and build relationships with each other, to the complexities of how we prefer to make decisions or negotiate a deal. Culture shock, or rather, culture stress, can compound the usual feelings of novelty associated with your new job.

The Discovering the Dutch personal training programme helps you to navigate the cultural challenges that come with work and life in the Netherlands. This programme explores the most predominant differences between your culture and the Dutch culture, focusing on your experiences working with your Dutch colleagues and living amongst the Dutch. It provides you with a framework to further develop your intercultural competence, a transferrable skill.

Practical matters

A PTP generally consists of 10 contact hours, though you determine the number of sessions beforehand, with a minimum of 5 (the first 3 sessions):

  • The first session (1 hr) is a general introduction session.
  • The second session (2 hrs) provides you with insight into your own cultural profile and how it maps onto the Dutch profile. On your own time you are asked to observe and analyse intercultural incidents that take place around you.
  • The third session (2 hrs) helps you to recognise your own intercultural competence and the way it influences your effectiveness in intercultural situations, focussing on the skills necessary to bridge cultural differences.
  • If you are arriving with family, an additional session (2 hrs) is recommended to look at cultural challenges that occur privately with your partner.
  • Additional sessions after the completion of the core training address specific issues that arise in the course of the adaptation.

The sessions can be planned at regularly repeating times or be scheduled at your convenience. An online classroom will be used to structure and capture your learning trajectory.


Core training (first three sessions, including materials): € 750,00. (€125 for each additional hour)

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