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Language cafés

Language cafés

How do you learn to speak a language fluently? By practising, for example in a language café. A language café is a great place to practise speaking a foreign language in an informal setting with a native speaker. You can improve your language skills as well as meeting new people and getting a glimpse of a new culture! Below is an overview of language cafés and workshops in Groningen.

Café de las Lenguas
Café de las Lenguas

Language café for multiple languages

Café de las Lenguas was established in 2011 as an initiative run by the Language Centre. Since then, it has grown into a successful language café, with no less than 40 to 50 participants per week. You can come to the language café every week to informally practise your language skills, in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and more!

You can follow Café de las Lenguas on Facebook and Instagram!

Workshops by the Institut Français des Pays-Bas


French teachers from the Institut Français des Pays-Bas offer French workshops to all French learners in the Netherlands who would like to further develop their oral skills, enrich their vocabulary, and deepen their knowledge of French-speaking cultures.

On Wednesdays, the Institut often organizes a ‘Mercredi francophone’, a moment of meeting and exchange in a friendly atmosphere that is open to all French learners in the Netherlands. Through various activities, participants are invited to express themselves in French in a fun and spontaneous context.

Leer Beter Nederlands

HR Resources of RUG and Dual Career Support offer weekly conversation meetings ‘Leer Beter Nederlands’ in small groups for Dutch language learners with an A2 level and up. In these meetings you can practice your Dutch in a pleasant way, with a native speaker in a small group. Participants converse about daily life, hobbies, family, children, work, food, sports and so on. The focus lies on speech and pronunciation. Grammar and writing will be kept to a minimum.

Humanitas language cafés


If you would like to improve your Dutch, come to the Humanitas language cafés. Here, you can practise speaking Dutch with volunteers and visitors. For more information about these language cafés, see here.

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