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Language buddy

Are you looking for a language buddy to learn to speak a foreign language with and from one another? A tandem service provides you with the opportunity to link up with a language buddy. Some services focus on helping newcomers to learn Dutch and to get to know the surroundings, while others help language lovers from different backgrounds to find and learn from each other. Below is a list of services for finding a language buddy in Groningen or online.

RUG Language Buddy

RUG Language Buddy

Multiple languages

Did you ever consider having a language buddy to maintain your Dutch, English, Spanish, German, or any other language? With the launch of the RUG Language Buddy programme, the Language Centre and HR are now offering you the opportunity to find a language partner: namely, one of your colleagues!

A language buddy can help you to learn and maintain a language in an efficient and informal way. You’ll be linked to someone who is a native speaker of your desired language, and vice versa. In this way, you can learn from one another and get to know your colleagues in a fun manner!

How does finding a language partner work, exactly? You can fill in the registration form to indicate your native language and the language or languages that you’d like to learn. On the basis of this data, we will look for the perfect language partner for you. As soon as we have found a RUG Language Buddy for you, we’ll put you in contact so that you can start practising each other’s language together. We will also provide tips on how best to practice together, and we will refer you to handy websites that can help you in efficiently learning languages together.

This service is specially intended for UG staff members. With staff members representing over 120 nationalities, the UG comprises a world of possibilities. So, there will always be someone for you! Who will your match be?

RUG Language Buddy

Multiple languages

The European Seagull initiative helps people to find a language buddy and offers tips and ideas on how to best learn languages together. It also provides work sheets in various languages and at various levels that you can work through together with your buddy.

Taal friend
City central


Taal Friend is an initiative by City Central to bring people in Groningen together to practise Dutch over a longer period of time. Contact may take place online but the initiative encourages in-person meetings. You could, for example, go to the market together, take a walk or a bicycle ride, go to the cinema, or grab a cup of coffee if it feels right.

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