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Learning a language by yourself

Learning a language by yourself

How do you learn a foreign language by yourself? Below are 12 tips to learn and improve your language skills by yourself. We refer you to some useful websites, free language courses, and language apps, but also paid services such as Rosetta Stone. That way you can further improve your language skills, also in languages that the Language Centre does not yet offer, such as Vietnamese, Norwegian, and Greek!

Language apps and websites
  • Rosetta Stone is a proven method for learning languages by yourself. With this paid service, you can choose from 24 different languages.
  • Via Quizlet, we have made several self-study sets available for taking the first steps into a new language. Practise now with the following free sets:
  • With the free language app Duolingo, you can learn a language through play.
  • Lingvist is a highly efficient app for learning French, Spanish, or Russian.
  • With Memrise, you join a language learning community of more than 280 million learners and 22 languages.
  • Online translation programmes are fast improving in quality, and our tips include LanguageTool, DeepLor Google Dictionary.

Free online language courses
  • Have a look at the complete selection of free online language courses at FutureLearn and learn English, Norwegian, Dutch, Frisian, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and many more languages!
  • Coursera also offers many online language courses, for example in Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.
  • Edx offers free online courses in Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.

Tools for learning a language by yourself
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