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Do you know what level of English and Dutch is expected of you in your job? And how are your intercultural skills? As the UG is an international university where staff and students of over 120 nationalities work together every day, it is important for many employees to have certain language and intercultural skills. With the Language and Culture Database, everyone can view the desired skills per job profile. This way, we ensure more consistency and transparency in the guidelines!

The database is only accessible for UG staff members via MyUniversity:

The Language and Culture Database is the result of a project started between HR and the Language Centre. The aim of the project was to ensure more consistency and transparency on language requirements and IC skills using the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR) and the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC).

How does the database work?


The database contains all UFO profiles (Job classification system) at the UG. The database gives HR staff, managers, and staff members insight into the skills required for each job.

Language levels

The overview shows the highest language level required for the job. When you click on the job profile, the language levels per task will appear. Depending on your position in the organization and the tasks you perform, this language level can apply to English, Dutch, and/or another language. You can determine this for yourself by identifying the languages you use to interact with colleagues and students.

You will also find an explanation of each language level in the database. Click on a level to read the description.

Intercultural skills

For each profile, the database indicates whether intercultural competence is required. This is simply indicated by a 'Y' (Yes, required) or an 'N' (No, not required) in the last column of the database.

Testing or improving your skills?

Would you like to improve your language and/or intercultural skills after seeing the guidelines, or do you need to provide proof of your language level? The Language Centre has to offer a wide range of training courses in Dutch, English, Intercultural Competence, and more. We also regularly conduct language assessments for university staff members to determine their language level. Ask your manager or a training advisor at HR-Experts about the available training course options!

We offer several standard group training courses starting at different times throughout the year. Our training courses include:

Would you like to attend a tailor-made training course individually, or together with your colleagues? If so, please request a free intake interview so that we can identify your needs!

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