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Intensive winter courses
Posted on:08 December 2022

Kick 2023 off to a good start by following an intensive language course in January! We are offering intensive courses in Dutch, English, German, Italian, and Spanish, in which you will become fully immersed in the language in just two or three weeks. Check out the course range and sign up!

UG's MOOC Introduction to Dutch in Class Central worldwide top 100
Posted on:10 November 2022

The University of Groningen's MOOC Introduction to Dutch ranks number 13 in the top 100 of most popular MOOCs of all time. A significant achievement for the UG’s Language Centre development team.

Language Centre learning method brings humour to the classroom
Posted on:01 November 2022

This summer, the fourth edition of the Nederlands in Actie textbook was published. The authors are Dutch teachers Berna de Boer, Margaret van der Kamp, and Simone Pentermann of the University of Groningen Language Centre. For years, our teachers have been enjoyably and successfully writing Dutch textbooks for non-native Dutch speakers in various compositions. Nederlands in Actie is part of an extensive learning trajectory that is used throughout the Netherlands. The first lessons using this new book have already been taught. Based on reviews submitted to publisher Coutinho, it seems that the book has been well-received by both teachers and course participants.

Take a Spanish, English, or Dutch course in November
Posted on:25 October 2022

Spanish, English, and Dutch courses will start in November at the Language Centre. Take a quick look to see if there is something to your liking, and sign up!

Apply for the Winter School on Intercultural Competence
Posted on:19 October 2022

Do you help others develop their intercultural competence? And do you want to further your ability to engage with cultural diversity in your classroom? Then the Winter School on Intercultural Competence is for you.

Gratis webinar: Een alinea schrijven
Posted on:03 October 2022

Deze week is het de Week van het Nederlands! Om dat te vieren delen we een gratis korte webinar met u.

Watch the webinar Business German
Posted on:30 August 2022

Do you know when to use Zahlen, Fakten or Daten? Or the difference between Liefertermin and Lieferzeit? If you regularly use German at work, the training course in Business German is for you. Over 10 weekly meetings, you’ll extensively broaden your vocabulary, speak solely in German, and practise business conversations. You will also learn more about German business culture and how to navigate it. Request the free webinar Business German now and get a preview of the training.

Enhance the chance of having your article published
Posted on:29 August 2022

Are you looking for more than just a proofreading service? Would you like someone to delve into the content of your text, to think along with you, and to point out gaps in argumentation, inaccuracies, or structural flaws? Look no further! At the Translation & Correction Service, in addition to our regular language editing, we now offer substantive editing.

Schedule Dutch courses as from September
Posted on:17 August 2022

Would you like to learn Dutch or improve your Dutch language skills? Registration for Dutch courses at the Language Centre as from September is open now! Check out the course range for the coming period below and sign up.

Schedule modern foreign languages
Posted on:08 August 2022

Would you like to learn a new language or improve your language skills for study, work, or simply because you enjoy it? As from September, you can take courses in 7 different modern foreign languages at the Language Centre! Check out the course range for the coming period below and sign up.

New course range as from September: Chinese!
Posted on:06 July 2022

We are once again adding a new language to our course range! As from September, you will also be able to follow a Chinese course at the Language Centre. Would you like to get to grips with the basics of this major world language? Then sign up for one of our two beginners’ courses.

RUG Language Buddy: one of your colleagues could now become your language partner!
Posted on:04 July 2022

Did you ever consider having a language buddy to maintain your Dutch, English, Spanish, German, or any other language? With the launch of the RUG Language Buddy programme, the Language Centre and HR are now offering you the opportunity to find a language partner: namely, one of your colleagues!

One week left to register: European Developing Across Differences (DAD) Learning Lab & Community Week
Posted on:30 May 2022

The University of Groningen Language Centre, in partnership with the Institute of Developing Across Differences (IDD), will host the advanced level European Developing Across Differences (DAD) Learning Lab & Community Week from 19-25 June 2022.

Free webinar series Ukrainian
Posted on:02 May 2022

Have you recently had a lot of contact with Ukrainians, for example because you have taken in refugees or have Ukrainian students in your class? The Language Centre hosts a free webinar series on the Ukrainian language which will help you to connect. Yuliya Kazanova* will introduce you to Ukrainian in two consecutive webinars.

Learn a language fast in a summer course!
Posted on:26 April 2022

Do you want to learn a language quickly? Then consider an intensive summer course at the Language Centre! Over the course of three weeks, you will be completely immersed in the language. This summer, you can choose from courses in English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic and German.

Medical German: an aha-erlebnis for healthcare providers
Posted on:13 April 2022

Especially in the medical world, miscommunication is something you want to prevent. Therefore, the University of Groningen Language Centre has for some time focused on offering language and culture training programmes for healthcare staff. In the past year, the Language Centre developed a valuable partnership with the Wenckebach Institute, the UMCG training institute, in organizing a successful pilot for a training programme in Medical German.

Join our Summer School on Intercultural Competence for professionals
Posted on:07 April 2022

Do you help others develop their intercultural competence? And do you want to further your ability to engage with cultural diversity in your classroom? Then the Summer School on Intercultural Competence is for you.

Free online Dutch beginners’ course available
Posted on:29 March 2022

Now that more Ukrainian refugees are heading towards the Netherlands, we would like to meet the potential demand arising from this group to learn Dutch. We have therefore decided to make the free, online Introduction to Dutch beginners’ course permanently available for the time being. This means that anyone can start the course, at any time.

Gratis webinar: Een alinea schrijven
Posted on:24 March 2022

Als u een zakelijke mail of brief schrijft, wilt u natuurlijk dat deze gelezen wordt. U hebt de tekst immers niet voor niets geschreven! Daarnaast wilt u dat de lezer begrijpt welk doel u als schrijver voor ogen hebt. U wilt de lezer bijvoorbeeld adviseren of ergens van overtuigen. Een heldere en overzichtelijke tekststructuur kan hieraan bijdragen. Zo kunt u de tekst opdelen in alinea’s. Maar hoe schrijft u een goede alinea? Leer het tijdens deze webinar!

Practise your language skills every Thursday at our language café
Posted on:23 March 2022

Now that the coronavirus measures have been dissolved, Café de las Lenguas can hopefully return for good! Every Thursday evening between 7 and 9 p.m., you can visit the language café to practise speaking in a foreign language in an informal manner.

Develop your intercultural skills during our Summer Schools for students!
Posted on:02 March 2022

Are you interested in culture and intercultural communication? Do you want to communicate effectively with people from other cultures? If so, the Summer Schools on Intercultural Competence could be for you!

Let’s support each other
Posted on:28 February 2022

We have many internationals who work with us or who follow one of our courses. We sympathize wholeheartedly with our course participants, our staff members, and their loved ones who are in any way affected by this war.

Improve your English in the workplace
Posted on:14 February 2022

Do you speak English a lot with your colleagues? And would you like to be able to communicate more easily or improve your general English proficiency level? The new Language Centre courses start in two weeks, and registration closes at the end of this week!

Ontdek het vernieuwde aanbod Nederlands voor moedertaalsprekers
Posted on:11 February 2022

Bij het Talencentrum kunt u terecht voor verschillende cursussen Nederlands voor moedertaalsprekers. Kies uit een standaardgroepstraining of pas in overleg met ons uw training geheel aan op uw eigen wensen. Ook geven we begin maart een gratis webinar! Lees snel verder en ontdek ons vernieuwde aanbod.

How to successfully use your experience abroad on the job market
Posted on:28 January 2022

Did you spend time abroad on a placement or as part of your degree programme in your first semester? Great! This means that you’ve taken the first step towards raising your profile on the job market. Learn how to use your experience abroad to help your career by taking the ‘Crossing Borders 3: Re-entry’ independent study module.

Take a free Dutch course at the Language Centre!
Posted on:24 January 2022

Are you studying or working at the UG and would you like to learn Dutch? Full-time international students, PhD students and postdocs at the UG can take Dutch courses at the Language Centre, paid for by the Board of the University.

Get a taste during the free Webinar Week!
Posted on:12 January 2022

During the free Webinar Week (31 January to 3 February), you can attend a webinar for each language, during which you can find out about the courses and the virtual classroom, ask questions and get a taste of what to expect.

Now 67% discount on Dutch courses for UG staff
Posted on:07 January 2022

HR and the Language Centre received a €50,000 grant on 1 December 2021 for international UG staff members who want to learn Dutch!

Take a course in 2022
Posted on:22 December 2021

The timetable for courses starting in January, February and March at the Language Centre is available! Enrolment starts at different moments. Check out what's interesting for you below.

External client satisfaction survey shows 98% of clients satisfied
Posted on:16 December 2021

Cedeo recognition of training courses for professionals extended once again for the University of Groningen Language Centre.

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