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Discovering the Dutch

'My experience in (the Netherlands) has been amazing, educational, frustrating, active, disappointing, eye-opening, cultural, beautiful and real.'
- Benny Lewis, Irish Polyglot (FI3M)

How can we study, teach and work more effectively with the Dutch? Despite the seeming easy-going and tolerant attitude of the Dutch, outsiders find that the Dutch can be a people of confusing and sometimes frustrating paradoxes: how, for example, to reconcile their directness in contrast to their sense of privacy or their slow decision-making processes in contrast to the strength of their agreements. Discover underlying reasons why the Dutch think, learn, act and interact in the ways they do, while at the same time gaining deeper insight into your own culture.

Your experiences form the foundation for this session. In-depth discussions of issues of your greatest concern assist your discovery of core values about the Dutch. Case studies of challenging situations in different kinds of relationships and organizations extend your repertoire of understanding and interacting with the Dutch. Presentations provide you with a succinct and structured understanding of the most relevant concepts about the Dutch culture derived from research by cultural insiders and experts in intercultural communication.

On Demand/Tailor-made Training

On Demand or Tailor-made courses in Intercultural Competence can be given as one-to-one courses, for small groups or for entire organizations. They can be given in the form of presentations, short workshops, longer trainings or competence development trajectories.

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