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Language Centre Develop yourself Intercultural Communication Training Overview

Intercultural Competence Training Overview


Intercultural competence enables you to develop a set of transferrable skills that enable you to bridge difference, whether to address international or domestic diversity. You can develop the necessary competence to communicate effectively and appropriately in a variety of intercultural contexts with the Intercultural Competence courses of the University of Groningen Language Centre.


Most of the training we deliver is on-demand, where you hire us to deliver a training (either existing or tailor-made) for a group of your participants. This can range from a brief introductory workshop, to an awareness building training or a more intensive competence development training.


We only deliver a very small number of open-registration programmes where you as an individual can sign up to follow a class, specifically via the Summer and Winter Schools programme. There is a Summer School for students who want to develop their own intercultural competence, and a Winter School for professionals who want to help others develop intercultural competence.

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