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New Open Science Newsletter
Published on:02 October 2019

The new Open Science Newsletter - October 2019 - has been released.

Symposium Open Science research practices
Published on:24 September 2019

Open Science research practices, symposium on 22 Oct

'Act on Acceptance': new service for Open Access publishing
Published on:10 September 2019

'Act on Acceptance' is a new service of the CMB to make it easier for authors to publish their articles Open Access.

Open Access publication of the Week (week 36)
Published on:05 September 2019

Feasibility of couple-based expanded carrier screening offered by general practitioners

Journal: European Journal of Human Genetics, 2019; 27: 691-700.

Juliette Schuurmans, Erwin Birnie, Lieke M van den Heuvel, Mirjam Plantinga, Anneke Lucassen, Dorina M van der Kolk, Kristin M Abbott, Adelita V Ranchor, Agnes D Diemers, Irene M van Langen

Pubmed is going to renew
Published on:28 August 2019

Pubmed is going to renew

New workshops CMB!
Published on:27 August 2019

The CMB offers you two new workshops: Endnote en "Are you ready for Open Access Publishing?"

Symposium Open Science research practices
Published on:10 July 2019

Call for contributions: Open Science research practices, symposium on 22 Oct

No longer log in with your Proxy-account as of September 1
Published on:10 July 2019

As of September 1, 2019, UMCG-staff can no longer log in with their Proxy-account.

Newsletter CMB
Published on:20 May 2019

You can subscribe for the CMB-newsletter.

Do you have questions about publishing in Open Access ? Make an appointment!
Published on:16 May 2019

If you have questions about Open Access publishing you can make an appointment with Peter Braun, Open Access Officer at the Central Medical Library.

New: Cochrane Interactive Learning
Published on:23 April 2019

Cochrane Interactive Learning (CIL) is an online educational tool for performing systematic reviews.

Endnote available on UMCG-network
Published on:18 April 2019

Endnote available now on UMCG-network

New! Open access flyer: all information in one place
Published on:11 March 2019

New Open access flyer

Information meeting "How to get the PDF?"
Published on:01 March 2019

Information meeting "How to get the PDF: All options to find the fulltext of scientific articles!

Open Science Newsletter
Published on:20 February 2019

Open Science Newsletter

Plan S - Information for researchers
Published on:12 February 2019

Plan S is an initiative to accelerate the transition to 100% open-access publication from 2020 onwards.

Want to request free articles/books from other libraries more easily?
Published on:21 January 2019

To request articles or books from another library will become much simpler from 28 January.

Springer Nature contract: limit 2018 Open Access articles without APC reached
Published on:12 December 2018

Springer Nature contract: limit 2018 Open Access articles without APC reached

Lean Library: quick and easy off-campus access!
Published on:25 September 2018


Guest lecture & workshop: Open research, co-creation and impact
Published on:19 September 2018

Guest lecture Nicol Keith: Open research and societal impact

Trial AMBOSS: interactive education tool in the field of medicine
Published on:10 September 2018

Till 9 October, the University has a trial license to the database AMBOSS, an interactive education tool in the field of medicine.

Changes in use of proxy accounts & Browzine app
Published on:31 July 2018

How to login for access to the online library collection

2017 impact factors are released
Published on:02 July 2018


Available now: JAMA Cardiology
Published on:26 June 2018

Now available: JAMA Cardiology

Chat with a librarian
Published on:28 May 2018

Ask your question to the CMB; chat with a librarian.

Have your say about the Library and win an iPad
Published on:24 May 2018

Have your say about the Library and join the online survey

Open Access newsletter
Published on:12 April 2018

Open Access newsletter

Update RefWorks plugin Word
Published on:02 March 2018

On Mondag March 5th the  RefWorks plugin in the UMCG network will be updated to version 4.5.01.

Assistance for researchers (PI's & YPI's)
Published on:20 February 2018

The Research Office wants to support (Young) Principal Investigators with entering their research data in PURE

Five years PeerJ: free open access publishing all month long!
Published on:08 February 2018

Five years PeerJ: free open access publishing all month long

Datasets visible via the UG research portal
Published on:18 December 2017

Datasets visible via the UG research portal

New medical search engine: ClinicalKey
Published on:09 November 2017

New medical search engine: ClinicalKey

New RefWorks plug-in for UMCG-PCs
Published on:31 October 2017

Starting today, the Word plug-in for Refworks is offered in a different way on the UMCG network.

Open access journals SAGE
Published on:31 October 2017

Available now: 'SAGE Libertas Academia Journals' (Open Access Peer Reviewed Medical Journals).

UpToDate: launch specialty Anesthesiology
Published on:19 October 2017

UptoDate: launch specialty Anesthesiology

Information meeting about Open Access, PURE and Altmetric
Published on:05 October 2017

Information meeting about Open Access, PURE and Altmetric by the Central Medical Library (CMB) on November 13th in the Red Room (Rode Zaal)

Open Access publishing: golden tips
Published on:21 September 2017

Golden tips for Publishing Open Access

Available now: Cochrane's Review Manager (RevMan 5)
Published on:12 September 2017

Available now at the University and the UMCG: Cochrane's Review Manager.

Central Medical Library on PhD-day
Published on:11 September 2017

PhD-day Groningen, Friday 22 September at the Oosterpoort

Journal Impact Factors 2016 available
Published on:26 June 2017

Journal Impact Factors 2016 available.

Submit your ISCOMS poster or slide to the UMCG Poster Portal
Published on:06 June 2017

Poster portal ISCOMS

Golden tips for publishing Open Access
Published on:23 May 2017

Golden tips for publishing Open Access

As of June 1: no access to journals Oxford University Press
Published on:02 May 2017

Access Oxford University Press (OUP) journals has been reinstalled

Stay up to date on the latest medical research and topic reviews with 'Read'
Published on:17 April 2017

Stay up to date on the latest medical research and topic reviews with the journal app 'Read'

Do a plagiarism scan at the library
Published on:03 March 2017

Doctoral students can scan their manuscript on plagiarism via their promoters and supervisors. Other UMCG staff can contact the Central Medical Library for a scan and students can consult their teachers.

Open access deal with the publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Published on:30 January 2017

No author's fee for publishing in LWW's hybrid journals

'Green open access policy' UMCG and University Groningen
Published on:21 December 2016

The University of Groningen and the UMCG strive to make the scientific output of their researchers accessible through open access, especially though the so-called green road. This is in keeping with the Dutch national policy and the requirements of various research funding organisations, but also with the positive effects green open access has for citation scores and the impact of publications.

‘Golden road’ Open Access via the Central Medical Library’s licenses
Published on:30 November 2016

In the Central Medical Library's libguide Open Access you will find information about publishing Open Access.

From now on access to Scopus
Published on:02 September 2016

From 1 September onwards, the University of Groningen offers access to Elsevier's Scopus, the "largest peer-reviewed database in the world".

Manual for managing your profile page
Published on:15 August 2016

How to manage your profile page

You no longer need to renew your books!
Published on:15 July 2016

Books will be automatically renewed: for staff up to a maximum of 24 times 4 weeks, for students and others to a maximum of 12 times 4 weeks.

Welcome to our new website!
Published on:07 July 2016

The new website of the Central Medical Library

New! AccessMedicine App
Published on:14 June 2016

AccessMedicine App available now.

Access to Uptodate-App
Published on:30 May 2016

To access the UptoDate app you first need to register at UptoDate.

Attention RefWorks users: Write-N-Cite 3will soon disappear
Published on:19 April 2016

Some people still use the old version of Write-N-Cite, version 3. That is going to disappear. As of May 2, Write-N-Cite 3 will no longer be supported.

New Springer e-books
Published on:08 February 2016

Access to 20.000 Springer e-books.

New version Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
Published on:19 January 2016

There's a new version of the Journal Citation Reports  (JCR).

Measuring instruments in health care (in Dutch)
Published on:24 November 2015

The freely accessile website Meetinstrumenten in de zorg (Measuring instruments in health care) contains information about measuring instruments (in Dutch) that can be used in dialy practice and in research.

Altmetric it! The Altmetric Bookmarklet
Published on:14 October 2015

The Altmetric Bookmarklet shows you whether or not there are tw eets or blogposts about your scientific article.

New! BMJ Learning
Published on:08 October 2015

New at the Library: BMJ Learning, medical training modules for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

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