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Highlighted: Open Access publication of the week

29 November 2021
Week 48: Salt, but not protein intake, is associated with accelerated disease progression in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease:
22 November 2021
Week 47: Multidisciplinary decision-making in older patients with cancer, does it differ from younger patients?
16 November 2021
Week 46: Architecture and Composition Dictate Viscoelastic Properties of Organ-Derived Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels
08 November 2021
Week 45: A retrospective cross-sectional study on tinnitus prevalence and disease associations in the Dutch population-based cohort Lifelines
01 November 2021
Week 43: Prospective clinical validation of the Eleveld propofol pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model in general anaesthesia
28 October 2021
Week 44: Excess mortality in depressive and anxiety disorders: The Lifelines Cohort Study
18 October 2021
Week 42: Augmented Reality Visualization for Image-Guided Surgery: A Validation Study Using a Three-Dimensional Printed Phantom
05 October 2021
Week 39: Live bedside music in daily clinical practice of a surgical hospital ward among older patients: A controlled study design of an innovative practice
23 September 2021
Week 38: Psychological distress among frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods study
16 September 2021
Week 36: Practical Barriers and Facilitators Experienced by Patients, Pharmacists and Physicians to the Implementation of Pharmacogenomic Screening in Dutch Outpatient Hospital Care—An Explorative Pilot Study
02 September 2021
Week 35: Radiation-Induced Myocardial Fibrosis in Long-Term Esophageal Cancer Survivors
30 August 2021
Week 34: Thermo-resistance of ESKAPE-panel pathogens, eradication and growth prevention of an infectious biofilm by photothermal, polydopamine-nanoparticles in vitro
15 July 2021
Week 28: Efficacy of early warning signals and spectral periodicity for predicting transitions in bipolar patients: An actigraphy study
08 July 2021
Week 27: Intrapartum synthetic oxytocin, behavioral and emotional problems in children, and the role of postnatal depressive symptoms, postnatal anxiety and mother-to-infant bonding: A Dutch prospective cohort study
05 July 2021
Week 26:Stability of the human gut virome and effect of gluten-free diet
30 June 2021
Week 25: Generation and Differentiation of Adult Tissue-Derived Human Thyroid Organoids
21 June 2021
Week 24: Reliability assessment of hyperspectral imaging with the HyperView (TM) system for lower extremity superficial tissue oxygenation in young healthy volunteers
07 June 2021
Week 23: Managing Load to Optimize Well-Being and Recovery During Short-Term Match Congestion in Elite Basketball
17 May 2021
Week 19: Light-induced molecular rotation triggers on-demand release from liposomes
04 May 2021
Week 17: Lifelines COVID-19 cohort: investigating COVID-19 infection and its health and societal impacts in a Dutch population-based cohort
19 April 2021
Week 16: Self-reported taste and smell alterations and the liking of oral nutritional supplements with sensory-adapted flavors in cancer patients receiving systemic antitumor treatment
12 April 2021
Week 14: Influence of interaction between surface-modified magnetic nanoparticles with infectious biofilm components in artificial channel digging and biofilm eradication by antibiotics in vitro and in vivo
07 April 2021
Week 13: Coronary Artery Calcium and Cognitive Function in Dutch Adults: Cross‐Sectional Results of the Population‐Based ImaLife Study
29 March 2021
Week 12: Developing a clinical prediction rule for repeated consultations with functional somatic symptoms in primary care
15 March 2021
Week 10: The Summer School Oncology Groningen: Improving a Successful International Course by Refining the Old, Maintaining What’s Good
04 March 2021
Week 9: Feasibility of Imaging-Based 3-Dimensional Models to Design Patient-Specific Osteosynthesis Plates and Drilling Guides
01 March 2021
Week 8: Virtual Reality Relaxation for Patients With a Psychiatric Disorder: Crossover Randomized Controlled Trial
18 February 2021
Week 7: Beating cancer-related fatigue with the Untire mobile app: Results from a waiting‐list randomized controlled trial
15 February 2021
Week 6: Genome-wide association studies and Mendelian randomization analyses for leisure sedentary behaviours
08 February 2021
Week 5: Remote Home Monitoring of Older Surgical Cancer Patients: Perspective on Study Implementation and Feasibility
01 February 2021
Week 4: Photoresponsive molecular tools for emerging applications of light in medicine
25 January 2021
Week 3: Acute effects of adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s disease
14 January 2021
Week 2: Offspring Birth Weight Is Associated with Specific Preconception Maternal Food Group Intake
17 December 2020
Week 51: Gender Disparities in Authorships and Citations in Transplantation Research
14 December 2020
Week 50: Lack of Conventional Acinar Cells in Parotid Salivary Gland of Patient Taking an Anti-PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor
03 December 2020
Week 49: Nanogels with Selective Intracellular Reactivity for Intracellular Tracking and Delivery
30 November 2020
Week 48: Early warning signals in psychopathology: what do they tell?
23 November 2020
Week 47: The moderating effect of cognitive abilities on the association between sensory processing and emotional and behavioural problems and social participation in autistic individuals
16 November 2020
Week 46: Intrinsic DNA damage repair deficiency results in progressive microglia loss and replacement
05 November 2020
Week 45: Heart failure after treatment for breast cancer
02 November 2020
Week 44: Coating of a Novel Antimicrobial Nanoparticle with a Macrophage Membrane Coating for the Selective Entry into Infected Macrophages and Killing of Intracellular Staphylococci
22 October 2020
Week 43: Meta-Analysis on the Identification of Linguistic and Emotional Prosody in Cochlear Implant Users and Vocoder Simulations
19 October 2020
Week 42: Time to get personal? The impact of researchers choices on the selection of treatment targets using the experience sampling methodology
08 October 2020
Week 41: Vitamin Status and Diet in Elderly with Low and High Socioeconomic Status
01 October 2020
Week 40: Pre-therapy fasting slows epithelial turnover and modulates the microbiota but fails to mitigate methotrexate-induced gastrointestinal mucositis
28 September 2020
Week 39: Eradicating Infecting Bacteria while Maintaining Tissue Integration on Photothermal Nanoparticle-Coated Titanium Surfaces
17 September 2020
Week 38: Trait self-reflectiveness relates to time-varying dynamics of resting state functional connectivity and underlying structural connectomes
10 September 2020
Week 37: Health-related quality of life in facial palsy: translation and validation of the Dutch version Facial Disability Index
07 September 2020
Week 36: A personalised screening strategy for diabetic retinopathy
27 August 2020
Week 35: Tumour biomarkers: association with heart failure outcomes
16 July 2020
Week 29: Automatic segmentation of the mandible from computed tomography scans for 3D virtual surgical planning using the convolutional neural network
16 July 2020
Week 34: Impact of solid surface hydrophobicity and micrococcal nuclease production on Staphylococcus aureus Newman biofilms
09 July 2020
Week 28: Microglia alterations in neurodegenerative diseases and their modeling with human induced pluripotent stem cell and other platforms
06 July 2020
Week 27: Comparison of health behaviours between cancer survivors and the general population
30 June 2020
Week 26: Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2), SARS-CoV-2 and pathophysiology of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
24 June 2020
Week 25: Systematic Review of Factors Affecting Quality of Life After Cytoreductive Surgery With Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
11 June 2020
Week 24: Enhancement in Xerostomia Patient Salivary Lubrication Using a Mucoadhesive
04 June 2020
Week 23: Genome-wide association studies and Mendelian randomization analyses for leisure sedentary behaviours
28 May 2020
Week 22: Infant Motor Milestones and Childhood Overweight
20 May 2020
Week 21: Continuous versus intermittent infusion of cefotaxime in critically ill patients: a randomized controlled trial comparing plasma concentrations
14 May 2020
Week 20: Preclinical PET imaging of bispecific antibody ERY974 targeting CD3 and glypican 3 reveals that tumor uptake correlates to T cell infiltrate
11 May 2020
Week 19: Clinical characteristics and work-up of small to intermediate-sized pulmonary nodules in a Chinese dedicated cancer hospital
06 May 2020
Week 18: Micro-probing enables fine-grained mapping of neuronal populations using fMRI
16 April 2020
Week 16: Home initiation of chronic non-invasive ventilation in COPD patients with chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure
13 April 2020
Week 15: Transcriptional effects of copy number alterations in a large set of human cancers
02 April 2020
Week 14: Acetate and Butyrate Improve β-cell Metabolism and Mitochondrial Respiration under Oxidative Stress
26 March 2020
Week 13: Faecal Transplantation, Pro- and Prebiotics in Parkinson’s Disease; Hope or Hype?
20 March 2020
Week 12: Reliability of residents’ assessments of their postgraduate medical education learning environment: an observational study
12 March 2020
Week 11: Machine learning in infection management using routine electronic health records: tools, techniques, and reporting of future technologies
05 March 2020
Week 10: Altering microtubule dynamics is synergistically toxic with spindle assembly checkpoint inhibition
27 February 2020
Week 9: Biocatalytically induced surface modification of the tobacco mosaic virus and the bacteriophage M13
20 February 2020
Week 8: Atopy Increases Risk of Psychotic Experiences: A Large Population-Based Study
17 February 2020
Week 7: Kinematic risk factors for lower limb tendinopathy in distance runners
06 February 2020
Week 6: Patients' Attitudes Towards Deprescribing Alpha-Blockers and Their Willingness to Participate in a Discontinuation Trial
03 February 2020
Week 5: Role of diagnostic laparoscopy in patients with suspicion of colorectal peritoneal metastases to evaluate suitability for cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy
23 January 2020
Week 4: Accepting higher morbidity in exchange for sacrificing fewer animals in studies developing novel infection-control strategies
09 January 2020
Week 2: Multimodal lifestyle intervention using a web-based tool to improve cardiometabolic health in patients with serious mental illness: results of a cluster randomized controlled trial (LION)
12 December 2019
Week 50: Corona Composition Can Affect the Mechanisms Cells Use to Internalize Nanoparticles
05 December 2019
Week 49: Treatment-related mortality in children with cancer: Prevalence and risk factors
28 November 2019
Week 48: Clinical translation of the assets of biomedical engineering - a retrospective analysis with looks to the future
25 November 2019
Week 47: Nomenclature of Genetically Determined Myoclonus Syndromes: Recommendations of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Task Force
14 November 2019
Week 46: 'Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support Systems for the prediction and detection of three disease states in critical care'
07 November 2019
Week 45: 'Body weight course in the DIAbetes and LifEstyle Cohort Twente'
31 October 2019
Week 44: 'Modeling of Cisplatin-Induced Signaling Dynamics in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells Reveals Mediators of Sensitivity '
24 October 2019
Week 43: 'Optical Detection of Intracellular Quantities Using Nanoscale Technologies'
17 October 2019
Week 42: 'Neural correlates of victimization in psychosis'
10 October 2019
Week 41: 'Hiding negative trials by pooling them'
03 October 2019
Week 40: 'Transplantation of high-risk donor livers after resuscitation and viability assessment using a combined protocol of oxygenated hypothermic, rewarming and normothermic machine perfusion'
26 September 2019
Week 39: 'Addition of tumour infiltration depth and extranodal extension improves the prognostic value of the pathological TNM classification for early-stage oral squamous cell carcinoma '
19 September 2019
Week 38: 'Carriers Break Barriers in Drug Delivery'
12 September 2019
Week 37: 'Human VPS13A is associated with multiple organelles and influences mitochondrial morphology and lipid droplet motility'
05 September 2019
Feasibility of couple-based expanded carrier screening offered by general practitioners