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New RefWorks plug-in for UMCG-PCs

31 October 2017

Starting today, the RefWorks plug-in for Word is configured differently on the UMCG network. The reason for this change is that the plug-in caused a lot of problems on UMCG PCs.

What's different?

  • On a UMCG workstation, you will have to install the application via:
    Start button > All Programs > UMC Groningen Applications > Proquest RefWorks install.
    You also have to login again in the Refworks plug-in in Word.
  • If you work at home or on a laptop via the WOM (, you have to install the Refworks plug-in each time you open Word, via:
    Start button > All Programs > UMC Groningen Applications > Proquest RefWorks install.

    You have to do this each time you use the WOM (it only takes a few seconds). We understand this is annoying, but at least the plug-in is now working right.

Comprehensive testing of the Refworks plug-in shows that the new plug-in works consistently and properly, without the annoying problems we have had before.


In case you still have questions regarding the plugin's usage, please take a look at our RefWorks LibGuide and feel free to contact us via email refman or call 3616194 / 3616185.

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