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Off-campus access

with Lean Library, via website & proxy
Lean Library
Lean Library

If you want access to e-books, e-journals, all other digital resources and services of the library, from OUTSIDE the UMCG / RUG network, we advise to:

  • use the LeanLibrary extension in your browser to ensure access to the digital library. It triggers the prox-login when needed, redirect you to the correct full-text access, open access alternatives and more.
  • Please note: 'UMCG Anywhere' and the Next Gen laptops do NOT automatically give access to our digital collection.

  • It is always good to start at the CMB library website. All the resources and pages have links that also trigger the proxy-login. (this is a good alternative, when not using the Leanlibrary extension.)
  • You can also login into the proxy-server beforehand.
  • For mobile devices, use the Connect-button (see below)

Lean Library: the library in your browser

Add our browser extension now to your browser in the UMCG Anywhere ánd the Surface NextGen laptops!: anywhere, anytime access to our online information resources, for your desktop or laptop.
(not yet for tablets/mobile)
More info: LEAN LIBRARY Manual (UMCG)

When do you need to log in?

You will only need to log in if you want to consult the library sources from outside the network.
Using the Lean Library extension will trigger the login for proxy when needed. IF you do not use Lean LIbrary, always start your browsing from the CMB website, ór login the proxy manually beforehand.

How to login with your UMCG account or RUG number?

Start from the website of the library . Search and select the e-journal, e-book or database you want to consult. You will automatically enter the login screen, where you can log in with your RUG number or UMCG account.

How to log in?

  • UMCG staff (hospital part)
    Log in using your UMCG email address (not your UMCG username!) and your UMCG password (Single sign-on)
  • UMCG staff (faculty part)
    Log in using your p-number from the University (Single sign-on)
  • Students and interns
    Log in using your s-number from the University (Single sign-on)
Connect button
Connect button

The Connect-button

This is a very useful tool to get access from everywhere, ánd it always shows the Get-It button in PubMed.

Other options

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