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Problems with Refworks

17 December 2021

Refworks has updated their Word-plug in ‘Write-n-Cite’ and with this update they disabled all earlier versions. In the UMCG this newest version is not yet installed and thus Refworks can not be used at the moment in Word. We have requested that the update is installed as quickly as possible and we hope this will resolve the problem soon.

Note: If you want to continue to cite references with another program in Word than Refworks’ ‘Write-n-Cite’, then you have to redo all references. Each reference manager and their Word-plugin uses its own fieldcodes.


1. Install Write-n-Cite on your own computer at home. You can download it from (legacy versie) of under “tools”

2. On a Windows10 UMCG computer under “Invoegen > invoegtoepassingen downloaden” you can search for Refworks Citation Manager and add it to Word. This version of Refworks does not recognize the references placed with Write-n-Cite, so you will have to redo the references.

3. Switch to EndNote. EndNote is also a reference manager, but it uses its own app and the references are saved locally. This makes EndNote much more stable on the UMCG network than Refworks.

a. Your references in Refworks can relatively easily be transferred to EndNote, but all references placed in your Word file with refworks have to be replaced by EndNote.

b. Contact the Central Medical Library if you want to switch to EndNote.

For questions or support you can email the Central Medical Library at refman

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