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Migration Matters is an interdisciplinary initiative that has been launched by Sustainable Society. A number of activities around radicalization, religion and migration has been brought together, resulting in a research group that represent six different faculties.

The central topic of this Interdisiciplinary Research Group Migration Matters is:

“An interdisciplinary research group with a focus on migration matters, ranging from integration to radicalisation (extremism) aiming to gain and share knowledge on the current European developments of migration and to provide new insights for policy makers and politicians, societal organisations and institutes and citizens involved in this domain.”

Role of Sustainable Society:

  • Coordinate and plan activities;
  • Responsible for communication of the research group and its individual researchers;
  • Expand the external network with relevant academic and non-academic stakeholders;
  • Explore Funding options together with the Funding Officers from the Faculties involved.

First steps have been taken to broaden the network internationally: links have been established with a similar research group from Sweden, where there already are similar links with practitioners.

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