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Sustainable Society

Sustainable Society Research


Within the Sustainable Society theme, the University focuses on a number of societal challenges, ranging from small and local to large and global. Global societal challenges can be leading in developing the agenda of projects. Simultaneously, projects can also be developed bottom-up by interdisciplinary groups of our academic colleagues. This way, the University develops a changing stream of projects in which academic knowledge is being developed, and used to improve policy development and decision making. In this endeavor, it is very important to work closely together with our societal partners to develop sharper and more relevant research questions. These partners can deliver input in the related academic research agendas by presenting new angles on issues and sharing of data and resources. Cross-pollination between science and practice is important for our University. This will generate valuable insights for society and contribute to development paths that lead to a sustainable society, now and in the future.

Last modified:18 November 2019 2.01 p.m.
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