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Six experts on: The costs and benefits of sanctions on Russia. Webinar

When:Mo 09-05-2022 14:00 - 15:30
Where:Online (see link below)

Roundtable discussion: Will higher energy cost be enough to solve the Ukrainian crisis?

What are the main impacts that sanctions are having? What are the costs that the international community is asked to bear? And what is the effectiveness of sanctions?

Experts of sanctions from the University of Groningen will offer their insights on one of the most serious challenges to international security in the last decades.

Join us in the discussion on the day of Europe and on the day when Russia has announced the military operation will end to draw conclusions on the conflict and on sanctions.

Sanctions have been among the main instruments used to address the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The United States and the European Union have led global efforts to curb the economy of Russia with the view to constrain the military capacities of Russia and to pressure the government to favour a negotiated solution to the conflict.

Participating UG experts on sanctions:

•    Prof. dr. Ramses Wessel – Vice Dean and Professor of European Law

•    Dr. Viktor Szep - Postdoctoral researcher at UG and ENGAGE Europe. Examines Europe’s external sanctions

•    Prof. Dr. Dirk Bezemer - Professor of Economics of International Financial Development.

•    Dr. Tristan Kohl - Associate Professor Macro-economics, International and Monetary Economics,  International Relations

•    Mr. Heleen over de Linden -  Phd at UG. Writing her PhD thesis about the 2014 EU sanctions against Russia, Eastern-Ukraine and Crimea.

•    Dr. Francesco Giumelli -  Associate Professor in International Relations and International Organization, and coordinator of the Illicit Trade Group

The event will be moderated by Dr. Willem Geelhoed, Associate Professor in Criminal Law and coordinator of the Illicit Trade Group

Use this link for the live stream:

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