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Q&A: Invasion of Ukraine

When:Tu 08-03-2022 12:00 - 13:00
Where:Marie Loke zaal Harmoniegebouw, Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 26, Groningen and online

Following an earlier event by the Faculty of Arts, our D&G group warmly invites you to attend an extraordinary one-hour session in which you can express your support, thoughts, and ask questions about this constantly evolving situation.

At least four experts working on the issue and some of our Ukrainian colleagues have kindly agreed to answer any of the questions you may have, including on how you can offer your support.

Two themes will also be explored by our experts this week: what the response of the EU means for the future of European integration, and the current internal displacement situation in Ukraine.

- Do you want to attend this special meeting? Send an e-mail to:

(tell us if you want to go to the lecture hall or if you want to receive a link to follow the meeting online)

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