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Natalia's voice: first hand stories from Ukraine to the Netherlands

When:Tu 01-11-2022 19:00 - 21:00
Where:House of Change, Boteringestraat 47

On 24 2022 Februari Russia invaded Ukraine. The start of an orgy of violence, not only against the military, but above all against the civilian population. Natalia is one of the civilians that had to flee her country in the spring of 2022. She took refuge in Groningen.

What is it like to have to abandone your country? Hows life as a refugee in Groningen? On 1 November Natalia will share with us her dramatic personal story of being a Ukrainian refugee in Groningen.

How was it to leave her husband and her daughter, who works in healthcare, behind in spring 2022, coming to Groningen only with her youngest son? How did she find her way in and around Groningen? De ‘huiskamer’ of the House of Change provides the right intimate setting to engage with her emotional story.

Do you want to participate in this meeting? Sign up via, there is still a limited number of seats available

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