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Workshop prof. Leah Henderson on Trust and skepticism about science | Nothing but the truth

From:Th 07-12-2023
Until:Fr 08-12-2023
Where:UMCG Hanzeplein 1, Groningen, Netherlands
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On 7 and 8 december prof. Leah Henderson will give workshops on 'Trust and skepticism about science.' The workshops are part of the conference 'Nothing but the Truth,' on trust and truth in science. How do we define truth in science? How do we communicate that truth with society?

The workshop of prof. Henderson

What makes people trust science and scientists? And what makes them skeptical? Why is it the case that skepticism about science is often accompanied by conspiracy theorising? This workshop will present empirical work on the factors that influence trust in science, the origins of science skepticism and conspiracy theorising. This will be combined with philosophical reflections on what makes for more robust public trust in science.

Prof. Leah Henderson holds the Rudolf Agricola Social Trust Chair
Listen to the podcast of Degrees of Freedom with prof. Henderson on Education and Public Trust in Science
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