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Brewing ideas: Morning coffee with the INCITE-DEM team

When:Fr 08-03-2024 09:30 - 11:30
Where:The House of Connections

INCITE-DEM is an EU-funded Horizon Europe project that seeks to foster inclusive participation of citizens and communities in sustainability challenges while co-designing democratic innovations. Join us for this morning chat to find out more about the latest findings about the challenges our democracies are facing.

The event promises a rich and insightful exploration into democratic innovations and the challenges of democratic participation. Featuring a diverse range of presentations, the programme delves into key topics shaping the future of democracy in Europe. Roberto Falanga offers a historical review of democratic innovations, shedding light on their evolution and impact on environmental and social sustainability. Bernd Schlipphak, Oliver Treib, and Caner Simsek delve into citizens' attitudes towards democracy, analyzing trends and variations across different societal groups and countries. Additionally, Wander Jager & Shaoni Wang introduce a dialogue tool aimed at supporting discussions on local democratic processes, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and community decision-making. With its dynamic lineup of speakers and thought-provoking sessions, the event promises to inspire meaningful dialogue and action towards a more participatory and resilient democratic future.


9.30 - welcome coffee

10.00 - 11.30 - Insights into challenges for local democratic processes

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