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Exploring Methods: Energy & Everyday Life Ecologies

When:We 24-01-2024 14:15 - 18:00
Where:House of Connections

Join us at the House of Connections to talk about energy and sustainable development with Wubbo Ockels School, Rudolf Agricola School and the Environmental Humanities Network! 

The event will start with a keynote lecture by Alice Dal Gobbo (University of Trento) entitled: Everyday life ecologies: exploring methods for a world that matters. The talk is based on her recent book: Everyday Life Ecologies: Sustainability, Crisis and Resilience.

To quote Brewer: “The world has problems but universities have departments” (Brewer, 1999, p. 328). Therefore, society's complex problems cannot be solved by only one academic discipline and requires interdisciplinary research methodologies. 

To tackle this challenge effectively, fostering an understanding of diverse methods is crucial. To facilitate this, we have prepared four insightful sessions as part of our new workshop series Exploring Methods! Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore, get inspired and engage in discussions about various approaches to studying and addressing issues related to energy and sustainable development:

  • Materiality, Multi-species Relations and Meaning: In this session by Vera Alexander & Iva Pesa (Faculty of Arts), participants will map aspects of historical and narrative questions and experience different layers of relations, memories and interpretations that connect human and non-human lifeworlds.

  • Fishbowl panel on values in energy transition by Franzisca Beeken (Faculties of Law & Religion, Culture and Society) and Gorazd Andrejc (Faculty of Religion, Culture and Society). This format encourages audience participation, allowing individuals to join the panellists to discuss values in the energy transition while ensuring a constant rotation of speakers.  

  • Insights into Energy Communities: Lavinia Damaschin (Faculty of Behavioural and Social Science) will explore the importance of integrating social research into energy studies by providing insights into the use of qualitative research methods such as participant observation and interviews.

  • Increase Energy Community Participation: During this session Dennis Nientimp (Faculty of Behavioural and Social Science) will discuss possible application of quantitative social network analysis to improve success of initiatives related to energy communities and beyond.

  • Reframing strategies in environmental communication - the power of changing the story: this session by Joanna Chojnicka from the Responsus Group (Faculty of Arts) focuses on how language and communication shape our understanding of the world, our attitudes, and even our actions.

The event will be moderated by Erika Darics (Faculty of Arts and Academic Lead of Responsus). She will guide discussions and facilitate reflections on the importance of exploring energy and ecology issues through diverse methods and the advantages of interdisciplinarity.

Join us for an insightful event about energy, sustainable development and research methods!

  • 14.15  Walk in with coffee and tea
  • 14.30 Introduction 
  • 14.40 Keynote lecture Alice Dal Gobbo
  • 15.20  Q&A 
  • 15.40  Break 
  • 15.45  Breakout Session 1
  • 16.20  Breakout Session 2
  • 16.50  Plenary Session and Final Discussion
  • 17.20  Drinks till 18.00

Please sign up to ensure a place in the workshop and to minimise food waste

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