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PhD Grants

Are you a PhD student working on sustainable development and are you supervised by a Rudolf Agricola School fellow? Then a Rudolf Agricola PhD grant could help enable you to give your research output an extra push toward relevance and impact!

Grant Intentions

The Rudolf Agricola PhD Grant is designed for PhD students at the University of Groningen who are working on sustainable development and supervised by a Rudolf Agricola School fellow. The aim of this grant is to support various research activities such as carrying out fieldwork, organizing workshops, developing materials or developing one's skills. The goal is to provide financial support to help researchers overcome funding barriers and enhance the societal relevance and impact of their projects.


  • The PhD candidate's thesis must be related to sustainable development.

  • The candidate must be conducting doctoral research at the University of Groningen.

  • Applicants must have a UG promoter.

  • At least one of the candidate’s supervisors/promoters must be a fellow of the Rudolf Agricola School from the University of Groningen.

  • The candidate must not have obtained their doctoral degree at the time of the activity.

  • The grant funds must be used for an activity that enhances the societal relevance or impact of the research.

  • Travel expenses can be covered if necessary when done sustainably; accommodation can be covered but not food and beverages.

  • Proposals need to show that applicants are highly motivated to enlarge the added value and impact of their research. 

  • Supervisor approval is required before applying.

  • A candidate can only receive a grant once a year but can reapply if not selected.

Application Process

To apply for the grant, candidates must submit their proposals using the designated application form available at the bottom of this document. Proposals are evaluated by a jury consisting of members of the Scientific Council of the Rudolf Agricola School. Applicants can apply for a grant worth either €500, €1000 or €2000. Once the selection committee decides on the winners, PhD candidates are expected to prepare a pitch to present their research at the PhD Grant Ceremony. Grant applicants will automatically become part of the PhD Community of the Rudolf Agricola School. The selection of grant winners is final and not subject to appeal. Grant funds must be spent before the end of the PhD student’s contract.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following aspects:

  • Contribution to sustainable development challenges.

  • Engagement with societal stakeholders.

  • Added value of the grant for the PhD candidate’s research line.

  • Benefits to the PhD candidate’s personal development.

  • Project feasibility.

  • Quality and originality 


Grant applications are accepted three times a year, with deadlines in January, April, and September. The selection process occurs three times per academic year: at the end of February (for January submissions), at the end of May (for April submissions), and at the end of October (for September submissions). The Ceremonies are then held in March, June and November. The next deadline for submitting an application is 29th of September 2024 at midnight.

For further questions please contact our student assistant at l.i.tucker

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