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Highlighted articles by Rudolf Agricola Fellows

'Every year, I sail to a place where there used to be a glacier,' says polar biologist dr. Maarten Loonen. He has been conducting research in Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean for over 30 years. Loonen feels a sense of helplessness when it comes to climate change.

Article: 'Playfully building resilience: Dutch children’s risk-managing tactics in digital risky play.'

December 2023 

Dr. Marcel Broersma and Denise Mensondines (RAS PhD Grant winner) have collaborated in a study addressing the concept of 'digital risky play.' This article explores children's development of resilience through a taxonomy of tactics employed in this type of play.

The full publication can be accessed  here

Article: 'Leveraging keystone agents in extractive industries to advance sustainability.'
Rudolf Agricola Fellow dr. Bert Scholtens' opinion article covers the impact of natural resource extraction on the environment and society. The study highlights the inadequacy of public policy and governmental regulation alone in achieving sustainability, and emphasises the importance of influencing key stakeholders, particularly the dominant firms and their owners international extractive industries.

Access the full article  here

Article: 'Simulating the Role of Norms in Processes of Social Innovation: Three Case Studies.'
Together with colleagues, dr. Wander Jager (Rudolf Agricola School Fellow) examined the pivotal role of norms and values in social innovation, specifically in sustainable energy community projects, proposing three case simulations to elucidate the supportive conditions. The research highlights the difficulty of condensing the extensive literature on social innovation drivers into computational rules.

Access the full article  here

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